Ferry's Super CoD Skin Improvements

Ferry has done it again, bringing us flawless execution of his innovative ideas. He's taken to CoD in this mod, his "Super CoD Skin Impro...


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Ferry has done it again, bringing us flawless execution of his innovative ideas. He's taken to CoD in this mod, his "Super CoD Skin Improvements," which revamps many of the player and weapon skins in the original Call of Duty. They're not exactly to be considered entirely new skins but, as the name indicates, simply improvements on the stock skins. The 'new' skins are in high resolution with certain added details, and many contain mock-bump-mapping effects to bring out the life in the game even more. ;) Just take a look through the ReadMe below for the full scoop on what's been changed, check out the screenshots for some good in-game examples, and download this awesome, original mod today! :thumbsup:


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Download 'ferrys_super_cod_skin_improvement.zip' (14.3MB)


The two pk3 files attached in the zip file modificates
some skins and effects of COD.

This is the firsht time I use the high resolution in COD.
The final result has been very interesting. Besides I applied
relief maps directly on the color images trying to simulate
the bump map/normal mapping effect. This maps increases a lot
the detail. I suggest you test this mod before say something.

Enjoy this amazing skin-mod for COD!

----------NEW FEATURES--------------------------------

*New 101st/82nd AIRBORNE skins:(HIGH RESOLUTION)
-Realistic color adjustment
-Added dirt layers
-Added rank insignia on the uniforms
-Added fabric textures on the uniform
-Relief maps on the gear
-M1 helmet with front/back straps, helmet netting and relief
-New captain camo helmet
-101st/82nd AIRBORNE arm patches fully detailed
-Camo paint on some faces

*Parachute British helmet with camo net

*New Wehrmacht soldier skin:(HIGH RESOLUTION)
-Realistic and accurated color adjustment
-Relief maps on the gear.
-Redoned the insignia: new breast eagle and
                       collar tabs.
-Dirt layers on the uniform
-M-35 metal helmet version v.3: incredibly realistic
-Improved the fallschirmjÄger helmet:relief maps,color
 adjustment and added the luftwaffe's eagle insignia.

-Winter troops:updated and improved the german winter skins from my last skinpack
               released several months ago.

*Color adjustments and relief maps for some weapons:
-Thompson, Kar98k, Mosin Nagant, Colt, M1 cabine ,BAR ,british-german nades,
,PPsh, MG-42 and Mp40 with RELIEF MAPS.
-American, Russian and british view model sleeve with fabric textures and relief maps.
-Only the american view model hand contains relief maps.

-Redoned all the muzzleflashes using some of the CODUO images.
-Replaced the default black smoke particles by the CODUO smocke effects.
-New antiaircraft tracer (more visible)
-Mg-42 muzzleflash maded more softer and more convincing. Even it's possible to see the direction 
 of the tracers!!

skin-mod by: Ferry

Place the "zzz_ferry_skins.pk3" file in your COD main folder.

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