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FireRate Toggle for the Call of Duty SinglePlayer DEMO
Created by MPowell1944

Description :

This mod was very time consuming to make, and it has definently payed off. What this mod does it allow the guns that are normally semi-auto, to be fired as either semi-auto or full-auto, just like the Thompson and BAR. That includes new text and images on the screen to tell you which mode you are in, as well as a new sound to let you know when you are switching between modes. Read below for a list of changes :

Colt .45 : Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
Luger : Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
M1Garand : Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
M1Carbine : Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
Kar98k : Semi-Auto/Full-Auto (In Full-Auto mode you will no longer rechamber the bolt)
MP40 : Semi-Auto/Full-Auto

To switch between modes, simply press the key you have bound for that ingame. 

For a better idea of what this mod does, check out the included screenshots.

Installation :

Place the .pk3 file in /main to install. Remove to uninstall.

Contacts :

Email - [email protected]
AIM - MikePowell1944

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