Formerly known as X-Stats, the new version of FraXStats right here supports both COD and CODUO and fixes many old bugs. If you're a server admin and you want a great stats-keeping tool, don't hesitate! Download this baby now. ;)



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/*  http://www.fraxstats.com                                                */
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/*  Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Sascha Rhein. Permission is granted to copy,    */
/*  distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free  */
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FraXStats v0.9

1. Requirements
2. File list
3. Installation guide
3a.Update old installation
3b.New installation
4. Configuration of FraXStats
5. Implementing of pictures
6. Import of log files
7. PHP-Nuke specialities
8. Non PHP-Nuke specialities
9. Version history
10. Trouble shooting
11. Bug fixes
12. Known bugs

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   1. REQUIREMENTS   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

You basically need a web site on which you want to show the statistics. And
your provider should give you the possibility to use PHP and MySQL.

ATTENTION: Even so FraXStats is easy to integrate into PHP-Nuke you have to have
MySQL as a database as I have not implemented into all the databases that
PHP-Nuke is capable of. Please check with your web site provider if you are not

And if you don't use PHP-Nuke then you need to know how a web site works and
how to see a link to your FraXStats index.php file. Further more you have to know
the connection details of your MySQL database. Your web site provider can give
you this information easily. And you need to know how to use FTP in order to
copy the FraXStats files on to your server and to upload the game log files to
your website, should you not want FraXStats is doing this for you automatically.
Either way you need to know the FTP address and the password to access your
game server log files and your web server.

You don't need to know how to do anything in PHP nor in MySQL or anything like

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   2. FILE LIST   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

Here is an overview of the files that are used by FraXStats. Should you use
FraXStats without PHP-Nuke then please copy the files marked with an asterix
(*) in the description to the same folder of your wish.

modules/fraxstats/index.php   ----------   *shows the statistics to visitors
modules/fraxstats/fxs-config.php   -----   config file, will be created
modules/fraxstats/fxs-lib.php   --------   *function library for FraXStats
modules/fraxstats/fxs-instructions.php -   *insturctions for page visitors

admin/case/case.fraxstats.php   --------   file for PHP-Nuke integration
admin/links/links.fraxstats.php   ------   contains links for PHP-Nuke
admin/modules/fraxstats.php   ----------   *admin page for FraXStats
admin/modules/fraxstats-browse.php   ---   *add on to FraXStats admin
admin/modules/fraxstats-headerrows.php -    *add on to FraXStats admin
admin/modules/fraxstats-useridfilter.php   *add on to FraXStats admin

images/admin/fraxstats.gif   -----------   image shown in PHP-Nuke admin panel
favicon.ico   --------------------------   icon file for address bar

extras/style.css   ---------------------   *Theme file for styling your site

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   3. INSTALLATION GUIDE   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

An easy installation and maintainance of FraXStats is one of my biggest goals
and I hope you agree that it is easy to install it. Let's see....

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   3a.Update installation   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

Due to the fact that I have update the database tables in order to provide you
with more detailed statistics you have to import your log files again.
Otherwise the newly added part of your stats would be empty. Therefore just
perform this update like a new installation and follow the section 
3b.New installation, please.

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   3b.New installation   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

The first thing you need to do is to upload FraXStats to your server. This
depends on if you are using PHP-Nuke or not. If you do, just upload it so that
the folders within the folder "html" matches the folders of your PHP-Nuke
installation. Content of admin folder into the admin folder of your PHP-Nuke
and the content of the modules folder into the modules folder of your PHP-Nuke
installation, etc. If you don't use PHP-Nuke then take the content of

modules\fraxstats (including sub directories)

and copy all of them into the same folder of your wish.

ATTENTION: If you have a none PHP-Nuke installation you may copy the file
style.css from the extras directory into the same directory as where you have
the main index.php file. You can modify the style.css to change the layout of
you FraXStats output.

Once you have copied all the files to the server you have to make sure that the
permissions on the file fraxstats-config.php are set to CHMOD 777, so that
FraXStats can access the file during the installation.
Now open your Internet browser and browse to the URL of fraxstats.php
(http://www.your-website.com/subfolder/fraxstats.php) or you use the admin panel
of PHP-Nuke and click on "FraXStats". In both cases you should see a screen which
asks you for the details about how to connect to your mySQL database. And a
field asking for the prefix of the tables. This can be used if you like to
install FraXStats more than once in the same database. Usually just enter
"fraxstats" (without quotation marks) and its fine. Please enter these
information and also the password that you want to use in the future when ever
you enter this administration page of FraXStats.

ATTENTION: Do not use a dash (-) in the database prefix table name as it does
not work in all mySQL versions/settings and can therefore cause problems.

Click on ok and it will update the file "fraxstats-config.php" in the main
FraXStats folder and save all the given information in it. No worries, the
password is encrypted.
It will also show you on the screen that it has written all the information to
this file, just click on ok and you will return to the main menu.

You are almost there, the only thing left is to click on the button "Creating
of tables", this will bring you to a screen where you can select the tables you
would like to delete or create. Since this is the installation of FraXStats tick
"All" in the bottom of the list and confirm your selection by typing "yes"
(without quotation marks) in the field underneath. Click ok.

Now you should see a screen which shows you that all the tables have been
created. Just click on ok an you are done with the installation of it.

Please continue with the next section, the configuration of FraXStats.

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   4. CONFIGURATION OF FraXStats   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

You are logged in to FraXStats and you should see the buttons in the main menu.
Please click on "Configure FraXStats". You will see a site which gives you all
the settings and features you need.
As there is extensive text in the site itself I will not mention it here again.
Just go through each field on the site until you see a button "save changes".

ATTENTION: Some of the functions require you to save the data you have entered
in other fields before you can use them. In order to do so just click on
"save changes" and return to the function you like to use. For example the
browse function for FTP location.

Click on it and you will get a message that the settings you have entered are
saved. Click on ok and you will return to the configuration page. Scroll down
and continue with the settings below the "save changes" button.

Enter the custom name of your game (e.g. "CoD") and click on add. You will get
a page telling you that the game has been added. Please click on okay and you
will return to the configuration page. Scroll down to the game section again
and continue with the next part, the game server settings.
Enter the name of your game server and click on add. You will get to a page
which is asking you for a lot of details. I will again not go into the details
of those field here as there is extensive text in the website itself. Go
through it field by field and enter all the necessary values. Click ok and you
will return to the configuration site. Please click "return to admin panel"
and you are done with the configuration.

Please continue with the next section, the import of log files.

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   5. IMPLEMENTING OF PICTURES   ~-_-~-_-_-~-_-~-_-~

Since version 0.9 of FraXStats you can implement pictures of maps, weapons and
hit boxes (damage zones). Please have a look in the download section of
FraXStats (http://www.fraxstats.com) and chose the picture pack
for your game(s).

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   5. IMPORT OF LOGFILES   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

To import log files to FraXStats you need to log in to your FraXStats admin panel
and from there you click on the "Import of log file" button.
From here just follow the instructions on the screen, it will guide you
through, step by step. If you have specified wrong values for your local
folders or for the FTP connection to your game server log files than you will
receive an error. If so then please go back to the configuration of that
specific server and double check the settings.

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   6. PHP-NUKE SPECIALITIES   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-

Even so FraXStats is well integrated in to PHP-Nuke I have realised that they
have changed the folder structure somewhere in a version between 7.2 and 7.5.
This is not critical and I guess that there are still a lot of servers which do
have a lower version running. Therefore I am not in a rush to change this
before version 1.0.

Another thing, which I am not capable of doing somehting about is the supported
database, even so PHP-Nuke is working with a lot of different databases.
FraXStats will only be working with mySQL as it currently stands. But I
don't think that this is a big issue. If you wish an integration please post in
the wishlist forum. 

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   7. NON PHP-NUKE SPECIALITIES   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-

How can you change the layout of FraXStats without PHP-Nuke?
Okay, this is fairly easy cause I have implemented the usage of the styles that
are used in PHP-Nuke, which means you can use any PHP-Nuke theme that is out
there. You can check the following sites to find a Theme which suits you most:


Should you like to run it without PHP-Nuke then you can still have a look for
which PHP-Nuke layout you like most and copy the file "style.css" from any
theme folder into your FraXStats folder. There are also several websites from
where you can download additional PHP-Nuke Themes, just google for them.

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   8. VERSION HISTORY   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

- Damage points inflicted.
- Damage points received.
- Damage occured by (bullet, grenade, melee, etc.).
- Graphics (maps, weapons, bodyparts).
- Graphic packages for CoD and CoD-UO.
- Player Filter (negative or positive).
- Show selected columns only, individuel for each stat type.
- Define order of columns.
- New row: Kill Points (calculation= kills minus deaths).
- File browser for FTP and local files.
- Import of several log files at once.
- Instructions for visitors.
- Show last update date.

This is the first version of FraXStats available to public. It includes the
following features:
- It creates the statistics at the moment of request.
- Compare players with each other.
- Statistics across several server of the same game.
- Filter statistics to your desire.
- Easy to install.
- Include FTP function to download log files to server.
- Supports Call of Duty (CoD).
- Supports Call of Duty - United Offensive (CoD-UO).

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   9. TROUBLE SHOOTING   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

If you enter the values to connect to your database and receive and error
message similar to this...

Warning: fopen(/modules/fraxstats/fraxstats-config.php): failed to open stream:
Permission denied in /admin/modules/fraxstats.php
Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource

... then please make sure that the user under which you are running your web
server has the permission to create files.

If you receive an error message like this...

You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to
your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-stats_xstats

... then you have used a dash in the database prefix. Please check in the
"Connect database" section the field "Prefix for database table names:", it
shall NOT contain a dash (-).

If you have imported a log file and it tells you that it has successfully
imported thousands of lines but afterwards the result page (index.php) is
empty then this is most likely because you have imported a log file from a
CoD LAN server or a server with a private hack. Both systems will not connect
to the master server and therefore not give you a user ID (GUID) to the
players on your server. Therefore FraXStats will not be able to process this
file correct as it is depending on the GUID.

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   10. BUG FIXES   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

Version 0.9c
- Changed name from X-Stats to FraXStats.
- some functions dont find page if PHP-Nuke installation is NOT in root.

Version 0.9b
- Only every second line of a log file got processed.

Version 0.9a
- The "Instruction" page was not working on PHP-Nuke installations.

Version 0.9
- Fixed an error where CoD (UO) logfiles only read in partly when 
  minutes in beginning of line is smaller than 1000 minutes.

Version 0.8c
- Fixed wierd display in with some PHP-Nuke themes.
- Fixed, where filters are not working if a server is selected.

Version 0.8b
- FTP delete function only deletes if set in settings
- Filters are not empty if server selected.

Version 0.8a
- Players with GUID 0 (zero) are not imported into database anymore.
- Adjusted filter, only items available to filter selection are shown.
- Error with limited length of GUID in CoD. Length now unlimited.

~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~   11. KNOWN BUGS   ~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~-_-~

Currently there are the following bugs in the script:

- Eliminate spaces in file name and path, can cause issue on UNIX/LINUX.
- Some player names are missing.
- config file can not be created on some systems. Resolution: Please
  download work around from www.fraxstats.com

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