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Well, this is my mod, so i don't really know what to say. Basically it aims to improve the gameplay of the game by adding new skins and soun...


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Well, this is my mod, so i don't really know what to say. Basically it aims to improve the gameplay of the game by adding new skins and sounds and other things such as script editing. The mod is slowly moving on, and xXezekielXx has agreed to aid its' progress. I plan to add new weapons and stuff soon, and am slowly finding people who are willing to help with the mod. However i still need some mappers, animator and possibly a moddler. So download the mod, give it a try and if oyu like it get back to me, my email is in the readme.

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Download '' (17.61MB)

Gameplay Improvement Mod V2

Developers: Aquai and xXezekielXx


Place any/all of the pk3s in your Call of Duty/Main folder, depending on what you want to install. If you wish to use other
    downloaded skins or sounds you can place them in the main folder and they should overrun these ones. 
If you like the loading screen place it in your Call of Duty folder (NOT THE MAIN FOLDER!) and make sure you backup 
    the original incase you dislike this one.



First off: There is a new member working on the mod... xXezekielXx. I'm sure most've you know him from 
           He's a great coder and is goin to work on sections of the mod which i don't have enough knowledge for.

 This mod aims to improve the graphics, sounds and general gameplay of the mod. We aim to do this by customising skins, ALL
OUR OWN BEFORE YOU ACCUSE US OF STEALING THEM, editing sounds, editing HUD graphics and adding lots of other stuff such as 

 All the weapons have been skinned in this latest version, and any you don't like feel free to remove or overwrite by using
other skins.


What's changed since V1:

Added world models for all guns (so when seen on floor look the gun like the gun in hand)

The following weapons have been reskinned:
Colt, Enfield, Bren, Sten, Kar98, PPSH, British Frag, MG42, Nagant, Stielhandgranate, 
American Frag and the FG42.

Other skins edited:
Cow, Bomb, K98 clip, Panzerfaust Box, First Aid Box.

The following Hud graphics were edited:
Health bar, Position icon, Headshot icon, "Use" icon, "Health" icon, Death status icon.

Sounds edited/added:
The following guns now have multiple firing noises: Garand, BAR, KAr98k, Bren, Colt
Multiple garand eject clip noises
Chamber reload noise edited
MP bomb plant noise
Springfield fire noise edited

Other effects and scripts added:
Merciless Blood FX (I did contact them but got no reply), Full credit goes to Chris_P of 
          the merciless team. Visti there site on:
MPSH blood puff effect (No way of contacting them, Email in readme invalid). But full 
          credit goes to the respected makers of the mod.
xXezekielXx's nade throw mod added in SP
Grenade cookage added for SP and MP

Full credit goes to the games from which i have taken sounds and edited them. These include: Half Life (And modifications), ET and others all sounds however have been edited in some way.

Known Bugs:
When selecting weapon error message comes up saying unknown weapon selected. It still works however. This only seem to 
    happen on some servers.
When multiple MG42s are fired sound goes weird


Add player skins
Add multiple firing noise on all guns
We plan to start adding new weapons, models and generally cool stuff to the game soon.
New HUD graphics set


Needed: MAppers, Modeler, Animator
Contact me:

Comments or suggestions:

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