Golden Desert Eagle



After making a golden desert eagle skin for Call of Duty 4, I decided it would be cool to make one for Call of Duty 1. I even added a money sign on the grip. The markings are not authentic however it does say Magnum Research Inc on it.



Gold Desert Eagle for cod1

Developer: PlusIce
Homepage: www.freewebs.com/icemodding
Title: Gold Desert Eagle for cod1
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Call Of Duty 1 Multi-Player

This a conversion of the desert eagle handgun from swat mod.
Add this file to the main and it will replace the m1carbine.
It's been reskinned and comes with seven shots a clip.
I skinned it gold and added a money sign to grip for extra unrealism.

Credit go's to the SWAT Mod Team.
Model Made by Zellot (Nick Campbell)
Exported by Kho


You may run this mod on your server.
You may embed these files into a mod if you give credit in the readme.
You may add this file to whatever website or mirrors you desire, It must remain for non-commercial purposes.

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