Hawkeye's Australian Imperial Forces 2/23IB Skins

Here are some sweet new skins for the Americans in Call of Duty that make them look like soldiers from the Australian Imperial Forces 2/23 I...


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Here are some sweet new skins for the Americans in Call of Duty that make them look like soldiers from the Australian Imperial Forces 2/23 Infantry Battalion in the Pacific jungle theater of the war. These are definitely unique among the skins we have here at CoDFiles, so you'll have a different experience for sure; they mark the early start of an upcoming "Australian Mod" by the author, Hawkeye. Anyway, these are some cool-looking skins, even in CoD as it is, so check out the screenshots below, and download them now! ;)

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Download 'aif_223rd_battalion_skins_final.zip' (1.95MB)

This is the final version of my skinpack depicting the Australian 
Imperial Forces 2/23rd Infantry battalion during their Pacific 

Also the Australian Mod is progressing, so please watch out for 
updates as I am trying very hard to get it all finished and with
a realism aspect, hopefully.

{SS} Hawkeye


-Changed the colour patch from the 1941 patch to the 1942-46 patch
(Historically accurate for the Kokoda and Tobruk period)

***Original Readme for Version 2***

Skins made by {SS}Hawkeye

These skins are dedicated to the Veterans of the Pacific war
in the 2/23rd Australian Imperial Force Infantry Batallion.
They fought hard in North Africa, as part of the 26th Brigade,
9th Australian Division. Many relatives of mine fought in this
batallion, and most came back.

To install these great skins, unzip the pk3 to your Main folder 
for use in Call of Duty or to your uo folder for use in Call of 
Duty: United Offensive.  I suggest putting it into it's own folder 
and running it with +fs_game

These skins were modified by {SS}Hawkeye from the stock American 
skins. This is version 2  of the AIF 2/23rd Batallion skins.
Updated are:

- AIF 2/23rd colour patch removed from the Canteen, Shovel and Backpack
- The Australian Commonwealth Military Forces badge placed on collar
- Added winter skins to the line up

Coming up:

-Possibly an updated version of these skins in a mod
-Australian mod incorporating the current/future AIF skins.
-Possibly a slouch hat for the Australians instead of the helmet

------Keep a look out for future projects by {SS}Hawkeye-----------

I would like to thank, first of all, the good old Aussie diggers who
went to fight and protect this fair country from the then tyrany of the 
Japanese, who ofcourse are now allied with us. All of the families of 
those who fought, and unfortunately died.

Secondly IWNation and Activision for producing and making Call of Duty
and Grey Matter Studios for making United Offensive and, hopefully, not 
going to abuse/sue me of using their hard work.

Finally, most tutorials on the web for skinning as I think I visited at 
least 50 of them.

Visit www.XGSA.net and visit the forums there to keep up to date on my
progress. Also www.cod-uo-unitedfront.com will be another place I will
post on.

Feel free to E-mail me about anything on my skin.

{SS}Hawkeye - padzee_padz@hotmail.com - MSN/E-mail

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