Heat of Battle

Do not install to your Main Folder. Create a folder called "hob" in your C:Program FilesCall of Duty folder. Then, extract the files there....


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Do not install to your Main Folder. Create a folder called "hob" in your C:Program FilesCall of Duty folder. Then, extract the files there.

Also, until the next CoD patch run HoB as you would a regular CoD game. Do not load the mod before you connect to a server; you will get authentication errors. Simply connect to HoB servers as you would any other CoD game. Thank you for your patience.

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Download 'heatofbattle_v_2beta.zip' (7.41MB)

-=-=-=-=Heat of Battle=-=-=-=-
A Call of Duty Capture and Hold Gametype Modification.

Information, Question and Concerns:

Scripting, Coding: BornToKill
Graphics, Textures, Skins, Sound: Dillinger
Mapping, Website, Scripting: Snafu
Team Leader, Mapper, Graphics, Music, Sound: Giovanni

Special Thanks to Major Malfunction and all of the folks at Mike's Marauders!

Readme Updated: 12-21-03

v.2 Beta


To install the mod just extract the HeatofBattle.zip to your \program files\call of duty\ folder.  Once extracted  your folder should look like:

c:\Program Files\Call of Duty\hob\...

Then you may connect to your favorite HoB server!


Clients:  ***DO NOT RUN "+fs_game hob" in your command line.  This will cause CD-Key authentication issues.***


The scr_sd_roundlength defaults to 4 minutes.  Until we remove/alter roundlimiting you may want to set scr_sd_roundlength to 60 in the console.  The maximum of 10 minutes has been changed to 60 for the time being.

HoB_Village had the filename mp_hob in v.1  It is now called HoB_Village.  Update your command lines and map rotations accordingly.

Right now HoB is in Research and Development mode.  Features are added and removed often.

Current features include:
-New Main Menu
-New Main Menu Music
-HoB GameType (Capture and Hold)
-Cookable Grenades
-More powerful Grenades
-New Sniper Reticle (Translucent BG)
-New Garand SKins
-New Player Skins
-Capture And Hold Flags

-includes beta of HoB_Village by Giovanni
-includes HoB_Downville Infinity Ward (Conversion by Giovanni)

Capping Bug Fixed - Berkzerk capping error should no longer occur
Objective Autodetection Added - Game now allows as many as 8 objectives for mappers.
Capture time changed - Now 5 seconds instead of 1. Soon these will be dynamic.
Respawn time changed - Now 10 seconds after you die unless you hit your use key to respawn.

**-Known Bugs_________________________
-Ingame Menus semi-responsive
-HoB_Village incomplete and contains many flaws!
-Admin features are currently disabled.

Copyright 2003-2004 Heat of Battle Mod Team.

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