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This is the new installation program for Heat of Battle. This is the full version of HoB v.25 beta and does not require the installation of...


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This is the new installation program for Heat of Battle. This is the full version of HoB v.25 beta and does not require the installation of v.20.

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Download 'heat_of_battle_v25_installer.zip' (8.25MB)

-=-=-=-=Heat of Battle=-=-=-=-
A Call of Duty, Capture and Hold Gametype and Realism Modification.

Information, Question and Concerns, Please visit our website:

Scripting, Coding: BornToKill
Graphics, Textures, Skins, Sound: Dillinger
Mapping, Website, Scripting: Snafu
Team Leader: Giovanni

Special Thanks to Major Malfunction and all of the folks at Mike's Marauders!
Mike's Marauders is your No-Nonsense Gaming HQ.

Readme Updated: 01-02-03

v.25 Beta


Simply run the executable and the following will be installed:
()- zzz-hob0.pk3 - Menu Graphics and music Pak
()- zzz-hob1.pk3 - Gametype and game essentials Pak
()- zzz-hob2.pk3 - Map Pak
()- ReadMe.txt   - What you're reading
()- HoBOnline.url - Link to http://hob.mikesmarauders.com



***DO NOT RUN "+fs_game hob" in your command line and do not load the mod before you
connect to game servers.  Just connect to game servers as you would any other
regular CoD game server.  If you load the mod from the mod menu or run fs_game
before you connect then you will see CD-Key authentication issues.  This is a CoD
bug that is supposed to be addressed in the next patch.***


The scr_sd_roundlength defaults to 4 minutes.  Until we remove/alter roundlimiting
you may want to set scr_sd_roundlength to 60 in the console.  The maximum of 10
minutes has been changed to 60 for the time being.

Visit: http://hob.mikesmarauders.com/hob_forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=30
For server set-up and install help.

Right now HoB is in Research and Development mode.  Features are added and removed

Current features include:
-New Main Menu
-HoB GameType (Capture and Hold)
-Cookable Grenades
-New Sniper Reticle (Translucent BG)
-New Garand SKins
-New Player Skins
-Capture And Hold Flags

-includes beta of HoB_Village by Giovanni
-includes HoB_Dawnville by Infinity Ward (Conversion by Giovanni)

Map Balance altered.
Graveyard and Railroad areas added for Dawnville.
Interiors added for two buldings and spawns reworked on Village.

**-Known Bugs_________________________
-Ingame Menus semi-responsive, have been known to cause problems with regular
in-game menu's
-Admin features are currently disabled.

Mike Domenighini
MSN Messenger: niugiovanni@hotmail.com
Mike's Place: http://niugiovanni21.home.comcast.net/
WestPine Forums: http://niugiovanni.proboards22.com/

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