Heat of Battle



This is the newest release of the Heat of Battle mod. Download it and enjoy it! :)



V0.31 Changes:
- An issue with the HUD showing the wrong flag possesion now corrected
- A problem preventing class limits from working has been fixed and class limits are now fully functional
- "Allies Captured..." when Axis capture an objective now says proper team
- An issue with the map being captured when one team still had an objective has been fixed
- An issue with the Capture Presence Indicator always being full has been fixed
- An issue with the HUD flags blacking out for an entire map has been fixed
- G43 run speed has been fixed to the proper value
- G43 now has bullet spread
- G43 iron sight zoom lowered
- All weapons now do proper damage thanks to incoporation of newest weapon files
- New weapons show third person muzzleflashes
- Map exploits
- Server can now run Pure (SV_Pure 1)

- New weapons: M3A1 Greasegun, SVT40, Sten Mk.V
- Three new maps: Grand Central, Occupied, and Railspike v2
- Second Coming now has five objectives and protected spawns
- Team scoring system now implemented (25 team points for a capture of an objective, 15 team points every 3 minutes you hold an objective, and 100 team points for a full capture)
- Grenades now do more damage, larger damage radius
- Grenade throw distance is shorter
- New shellshock sound from grenades, buttsmacks, and death
- You now slowdown and feel shock for a very brief amount of time when shot
- You can no longer trip or shoot the weapons out of the hands of your own team
- Weapon select menu now displays class limits and how many of each class is currently on your team
- Bolt action rifles (K98, Enfield, Mosin Nagant,and Sniper rifles) now do greater damage
- Iron sight sway has been added to all rifle based weapons -- sway is reduced by crouching or going prone
- Objectives can now be captured without having to be touching the ground
- Crosshairs have been removed
- Pistols now reduced to only three clips (one in gun, two spare), Snipers carry six
- Pistols and grenades now have the same runspeed as the gun you're carrying
- New menus with new graphics
- Ricochet sound now plays when weapon gets shot out of your hand
- New bullet hit blood puff effect (Special thanks to ChrisP of Merciless Mod for help and testing)
- All run speeds slightly lowered
- Proper nationalities now show up in the HUD and Compass icons instead of just American
- Toggleable kill scoring (Lets an admin toggle their server so you only get points for capping objectives)
- Dropped weapons only drop with 3 clips in them
- All guns now have maximum ammo counts
- Post-round stats (Objectives captured, kills, deaths, damage dealt, damage taken, accuracy, etc.)
- Current sniper reticule removed, replaced with default CoD scope for now
- New HUD, Compass, Health, and Ammo icons
- New overview maps, and loading screens that now show objectives
- New Weapons sounds for most stock CoD weapons

-HoB_Village by Giovanni; Polished and overhauled by Mojambo
-HoB_Dawnville by Infinity Ward (Conversion by Giovanni)
-HoB_RailSpike by Wade Wilson
-HoB_Occupied by Wade Wilson
-HoB_Grand_Central by BigBoyG
-HoB_Second_Coming by BigBoyG

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