Hellfires Fall of Man

This is a pack of several mp maps I have made. They are all deathmatch maps. Feel like a snow level? Hop on to ananomus or mp_hurtgen_extre...


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This is a pack of several mp maps I have made. They are all deathmatch maps. Feel like a snow level? Hop on to ananomus or mp_hurtgen_extreem. Maybe a night level? Go to mp_chateau_extreem Maybe just some kind of awkwardly weird level? Go to mp_mg42. Hope you like them. -NOTES- FALL OF MAN-ANANOMUS:There are several secret doors on this level, one of wich is under the tank but can you figure out how to go down it?

FALL OF MAN-MP_HURTGEN_EXTREEM:See the tower? Can you get to the top and unleash a payload of bullets on to your friends?

FALL OF MAN-MP_CHATEAU_EXTREEM:Get to the top of Metal Gear Rex for a great view.(Go to http://mgsalliance.wetpaint.com/page/REX for information on Metal Gear Rex).

FALL OF MAN-MP_DESERT:Get to the halftrack in order too blow your pitiful enemies faces off, or... go inside the building for a nice relaxing poddy break.

FALL OF MAN-MP_JUNKYARD:Get lost in the mase of tanks in the junkyard and make the hunter the hunted.

FALL OF MAN-MP_MG42:Go to "mp_mg42" for a randome made level, and yes the ground is invisible.

FALL OF MAN-BRIDGE:Going bunjee jumping? Go to "BRIDGE".Will you land safely on the PanzerIV or get trapped in ditches?

FALL OF MAN-UFO:Heres an alienated level.Can you get to the UFO? Or will you be forced to stay on land for all eternity?(Also there are secret platforms if you jump to the left of the UFO).

FALL OF MAN-DESTRUCTO:Can you Jump across the row of trees to get on top of the destroyed building.(Just to let you know it is possible to do I've done it twice, but only twice!). :}


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Download 'zzz_hellfires_fall_of_man_zzzz.pk3' (121.78MB)


Map Title                : zzz_hellfires_Fall_Of_Man_zzzz
Map Version              : v1.0
Author                   : HELLFIRE999
E-mail                   : 
Website                  : mgsalliance.wetpaint.com


Game                     : Call Of Duty 1

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Capture the Flag
                         : Behind Enemy Lines
                         : Demolition
                         : Elimination
                         : Headquarters
                         : Infilitration
                         : Retrieval
                         : Search and Destroy
                         : Singleplayer
                         : Custom
                         : Other

Map Size                 : 


Contents of this Package :



Installation Instructions:

     Uzip the file and put the
     zzz_hellfires_Fall_Of_Man_zzzz.pk3 in your main.


Construction Time        : 

Custom Content           : Skins

Known Bugs               : 


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