Hidden Spectator



Here's a great utility by YaNo that allows server admins to spectate players on the server without revealing on the scoreboard that they're spectating. This is useful to spectate suspected cheaters because, of course, cheaters usually would disable their cheats if they knew they were being spectated. Get it!



Hidden Spectator
made by YaNo


Do you know most hackers don't want to hack when there's somebody spectating?
This changes it all!
When you are playing, you do a simple admin-command and Tadaaa! You are a hidden spectator.
This is easy if you think he is cheating when there's nobody at spectate, and just turns them off when there is.


How to:

When playing.
Do the command "g_hiddenspec #"
Where # stands for the player that wants to spec him.
Now that player is spectating him.

As hidden spectator all ppl will see you as if you were still in the team.
You'r also not in dead status. So you will not lose when
You are the only one left in a S&D team.

You can join again by choosing a new gun.

Also, if you are spectating in free look,
you can go anywhere you want and revive there!
(You must be a hidden spectator)
Just by using the command "g_aliveplay #"


Additional Information:

Mod is Server side!
This mod will not work with any other script-mods.
You are free to use this code as you like.
Just be shure to leave a credit to me and Ravir.


Known Bugs:

-You will lose your weapons with g_aliveplay after you have spectated somebody



-YaNo (me)
-Ravir (admin mod)



Xfire: YaNo829
MSN: yano#codjumper*com



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