HoB Single Player (V2)



Here we have an update on the great HoB single player mod. In this version the guns dont replace any other guns so you have even more guns to choose from :rock:. Download it now to add abit of spice to your single player expeirence. Peace out



HoB Weapons Mod Version 2

Once again, I do not take credit for the excellent "Heat of Battle" weapons in any way except for some minor editing and painting.

HoB Weapons Version 2 adds the G43 rifle, Sten Mk5 and M3 Grease Gun to Call of Duty, but in version 2 they do not replace any other weapons. I used the Thompson sound for the grease gun and the Sten Mk3 for the Sten Mk5, since they would presumably sound the same in real life. The G43 has its own sound file and I had to add a new weapons.str file to properly identify each weapon. The mod has run completely bug free so far. Place in the CoD Main folder.

Bill Corrao

[email protected]

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