Holland Dorpske



Here's a very large, complex new CoD multi-player map by a Dutch developer known as Killin' Arie. In the e-mail to us, he said that those who love Holland will definitely love this map, and I can see that holding true as this seems to have characteristics of a typical town in the country. ;) The map, available in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, should maintain its playability no matter how often you run it; it's got so much to see and do that I'm sure you'll never quite get around the whole map each time you play it. :) I took some points off for quality, however, because there are just a few texture glitches and overbright lights, and I wish there were more miscellaneous objects to occupy the space in the buildings. In any case, like I said, you should still be able to have a great time on this map, so make sure you check out the screenies below and download it now! :D




This is a town in Holland with bunkers, a church, houses and lots of trees and bushes around. Because of the big size of the map the map is for TDM.

You can also play DM but only with four players. Teamdeathmatch is for 24 players.

Enjoy this map. I have, but I want to make a map in COD UO. That will take a long time. Again!!!

So for all COD fans and people in Holland enjoy and have fun...

---------------------MAP DESIGN BY KILLIN ARIE---------------


TDM (team deathmatch 24 players)

Put the pk3-file(mp_holland_dorpske) in the main map of cod with the other pk3-files


This map is free for use for all cod-players and fans
(only for multiplay)

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