Here we have an excellent Russian/German ruins map similar to the Berlin one of CoDUO. There's only one minor exception: This one could qui...


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Here we have an excellent Russian/German ruins map similar to the Berlin one of CoDUO. There's only one minor exception: This one could quite possibly be better! ;) It's got tons of cover, flashes going off in and around the map, destroyed vehicles, a huge surrounding city environment, and even fly-by fighter planes and bombers to put you right in the middle of the action. I repeat: This map is extremely intense! If you think you can handle a few rounds in this, then check out the screenshot below, and download it now! :thumbsup:

NOTES: -Two available versions (one with and one without swastikas) -Map designed for CoD (CoDUO and CoD2 versions to come)

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I. mp_kriegstadt_final readme
Map name: mp_kriegstadt, mp_kriegstadt_int
Map creator: EvilHobo
Version: FINAL
Contact Information:
Supported gametypes: dm tdm sd re bel hq
Map Size: Huge. 20+ players recommended.

II. Installation Instructions:
Place the zz_mp_kriegstadt_v2.0.pk3 in your Call of Duty Main folder, example:
C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main

If you have the Game of the Year Edition, place in to:
C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition\Main

NOTICE: This will install two versions of the map, one with swastikas, and one without. 
Kriegstadt International has no swastikas (made of brushwork), save for textures, but if you have
a problem with swastikas, they are no doubt replaced in the localization pk3 files. For more
concerning this, see section V of this readme.

III. Includes the following imports from United Offensive,
making them compatible with Call of Duty [Standard]

-Models: Soviet iL-2 Tank Busters, various foliage from Trenches, Benches from Ponyri
-Textures: Dirt textures from Kursk (2), Kharkov streets, crater decals, tunnel lettering decals.
-Sounds: Squadron flyover sounds for the iL-2s
-Effects: Tank burning effect for the field.

IV. Map Description
In the closing days of the war, the Soviet Red Army has made its way to a German city, Kriegstadt.
Having undergone artillery bombardment and aerial attacks, the city is in ruins. An initial Soviet
attack was fended off by the German resistance, but now, the remnants of the once-mighty German Wehrmacht
must face off against the First Ukrainian Front, in an attempt to hold the city as long as possible.

V. Concerning the Swastika [Disclaimer]
I would like to, first and foremost, assure you that I am not of the National Socialist doctrine. 
What we need to realize is that, regardless of whether you are offended or not, the swastika was
the symbol of the Third Reich, and for that matter, a highly glorified and generally public display.
Having surveyed images of Nazi-era Berlin, along with other cities during the time period circa 1933-
1945, the swastika is a prominently displayed symbol. I, therefore, sought to add it to my map as a 
reflection of the times, but also, as a way of demonstrating the downfall of the Third Reich. Some may note
merely the swastika, however, others may take in to consideration where it is. Notice that, although it
does stand over all else, that it stands over ruins; it is a symbol of former glory, and of a toppling regime.

Included in the .pk3 is a 'no swastika' version, which is not true for those with English localization, as for 
flags/skins, the swastika remains. International versions of CoD omit this by having changed textures. Since for the
gate and Domed Hall the swastika is constructed of brushes, it cannot be removed except in the .map. I have therefore
replaced with the Iron Cross, which, to be honest, I see as a disgrace: the Iron Cross is, to me, a representation
of German honor and in switching both the swastika and Iron Cross, one creates an attack on Germans rather than an
attack on Nazism. Yet this is what the people want...

As for my German players, I wish not to assail you, as I am aware that the swastika is banned in Germany in accordance
with the Strafgesetzbuch. If anything, I think that the German people today should not be ashamed of the actions of the past, 
and that  it is unjust that the 'collective guilt' idea was forced upon you, whereas the other nations of the world are 
allowed to just brush it away and move on. You should have every right to have your history, no matter how brutal or hated by
others, exposed to you, merely for the sake that should one forget history, one allows it to repeat. And while this is but
a simple map, the principle still remains.

VI. Credits and Thanks
-ArmadniGeneral, for hosting the map when I needed it to be.
-MODSonline, for those who assisted me where I needed it, and to everyone who made tutorials 
(because I used practically every one of them).
-JB of Maps-n-Mods, for dealing with me when v1.0 was leaked.
-ExoCet of CoD:Battle for Europe, for being a driving force behind my attempts to make the map as best as I could.
-And everyone else who offered bits of support to stop me from scrapping the project altogether.

VII. Copyright & Permissions (Legal Stuff)
All original and composed textures in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners. You MAY NOT distribute this map for a price,
nor alter the contents of the .pk3 without the authors written, e-mailed, or otherwise consent.

*Copyright 2000 - 2005

NOTE: mp_kriegstadt should only be found hosted on,, and
If you wish to put this .pk3 on your site, or if you see this .pk3 on a site other than those listed, please send an e-mail to
Thank you.

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