Here's the second map of paulb39, which has some great gameplay elements for some good LAN-type action. :) It's got a huge field with two...


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Here's the second map of paulb39, which has some great gameplay elements for some good LAN-type action. :) It's got a huge field with two separate bases on either side, separated by foxholes and very minor cover. If you want to get across, you're definitely going to need some good covering fire from your teammates at your home base. :P Speaking of which, if someone gets up on the building, you can get some perfect support from the MG42 up top. Last but not least, there's a tunnel area that should make the crossing slightly easier to perform. Whichever way you go, you're sure to have a good time with your buddies on this map, so check out the screenshots below, and download it now! ;)

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	Hello all this is my secound map. Its a brecourt type map with bases at
each end, trenches on the sides, and a tunnel, it even has some invisible
ladders u have to look for to get to some mg42s (one of the screen shots is a big hint.
It can be played with any number of players really, either for small LANS
(which i am going to use it for) or huge 10 v 10 games.

					*Map Info*
Map Name: laboro

Gametypes it suports
ctf (ctf for cod1 NOT uo)

Reason for name: i couldnt think of anything so i went to a latin translater
and put in stuff untill i found laboro (which means suffer)

Buid time: About two weeks (2)

Bugs known: none, email me if u find any

				*Installation Intructions*

Place the zzzlaborbeta file into ur main folder

e.g. (C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main)

				*Legal Stuff*
This file has been tested on multiple computers, IF this file does anything harmful to your PC
(this is just legal stuff most likely this isnt going to happen)then I take NO responability,
u have been WARNED

				*Changing my Map*
I have decided NOT to give away my .map BUT if ur a begginer and want to see how a map is put
together, then email me, and i will defienly give u my .map so u can do as u please, BUT IF U 

				*Contact Info*

Want to contact me? Or are u a mapper, if u are a mapper PLEASE give me an IM or EMAIL

AIM: paulb344

Xfire: paulb39

Yahoo: paulbrenner1

EMAIL01: paulbrenner1_AT_yahoo_DOT_com 

EMAIL02: paulbrenner1_AT_gmail_DOT_com

just replace _AT_ with @ and _DOT_ with .

I would like to thank

without them i wouldnt be able to map


he helped me out so much with so many things

(check his work at

I used SOME prefabs (say u have a buidling u like, u highlight
it all and prefab it, later wen u want it u just load the prefab) from

I didnt just TAKE it, the people wanted u to change stuff
so like the bunker in there, i would like to give credit to the guy who made that prefab

				*In Next version*
If any bugs found by pubs, then bugs fixed
mabye SD gametype suport
i say mabye because im a little shaky on SD

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