Landing Craft

Here we have a great looking Landing craft prefab which will add great atmosphere to any map :)


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Here we have a great looking Landing craft prefab which will add great atmosphere to any map :)

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|__ /--\ | \| |__/ _|_ | \| \__|   \__, |¯¯\ /--\ |¯    |     |¯¯  |¯¯\ /__ |¯  /--\ |__)

                               -=?=- By Khuskan -=?=-

*--------- Contents of zip

This zip should contain the following files and filesizes and nothing more. If filesize is 
different, expect tampering and delete the file at once!

-landingcraft.pfb  [Landing craft prefab]  Filesize: 115kb  [Landing craft in map format]  Filesize: 123k

*--------- Introduction

before we start


After my scouring of COD files, and to the dissapointment of the lack of normandy based
maps, i decided to put some things together to help you on. The first of which is an
almost compltely accurate, high detailed model of the standard normandly landing craft.
I made the whole thing using 2 screenshots, one of the front, one of the inside to put it
together, and it took about 6 hours to make.

*--------- How to use

There are 2 ways to do this. I supplied the craft in a .pfb form and to use this in radient,
click edit>load prefab then locate the file on your computer. Need i say unzip it first?
Also you could open the map and copy it out but that tends to be slower. I included the map
for editing reasons.

The landing ramp can be eaisly rotated but due to bugs, may i suggest that you do this after 
you place the landing craft in the correct position. Copying and pasting the rotated ramp 
may cause it to become deformed and ugly.

The numbers on the side of the landing craft can be changed to whatever you want, you can
find the full set of numbers in the texture>prefabs directory. To set then, hold shift and
select the face of the number you wish to change and click the number you want. Next press
the 'S' key to bring up the surface inspector and click the 'fit' button to set it in the
right place. Make sure you put the same number on the side and the back or it might look
a little odd.

Feel free to edit this model however you want, but please do not redistribute edited versions.
You have my personal position to use this in any Mods, maps, movies, whatever as much as you
want, as long as you give me correct credit. I'd do the same for you ;-)

*--------- Disclaimer

I do NOT accept any responsibilty for damage this file may cause to your computer. The prefab
itself has been playtested on a small map and no bugs were found. If you see them, EDIT
THEM OUT YOURSELF. Dont go e-mailng me to repair it for you. I wont reply. The only website
that this file should really be on is, which i have uploaded it to personaly.

Be cautious about downloading it from elsewhere, as i cant promise the contents of the file
will be completely safe.

*--------- FAQ

Q- Will you make any more prefabs?
A- Yes, i probably will, if enough people e-mail me and tell me what they want. It helps
   if they suply textures too.

Q- What about maps?
A- I have one map waiting to be packed up, but thats all thats planned for now

Q- Hey, i'm working on a map and wanted to know if you could...
A- No.

Q- I'm from some kind of mod team thats working on so and so a mod and want to know if you
   could do some work for me...
A- I'll take a look at the site and consider it, but i'm more of a freelancer so dont expect
   too much

Q- Do you have a website
A- Not yet, i'm still making it.

Q- e-mail please.
A- for general mail, for msn messenger.

Sorry if this was a little long, but i think i've covered everything. Have fun and good luck
with your future maps.  

With love- Mark 'Khuskan' Jefferis   - [Insert important sounding job here]

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