Loading Screen



Here we have a great war themed loading screen which looks great ingame. Download it now and see what you think :rock:



Author: NiCr0
Website: www.HeadlessHorsemen.org
Email: [email protected] (the o is a zero)
Why i made this: Cuz i can :) and to make it look more Interesting to who ever may come play the game at my house ;)

How To Install this File:

1st. Unzip the NiCr0zLoadscreen.zip to a folder (IE: My Documents)
2nd. Open the FOlder you just unziped it to.
3rd. Open your COD Folder (IE: My Computer, C:, Program Files, call Of Duty) *note: don't open the main folder*
4th. Copy the orginal cod.bmp file and place it some where safe on your computer.
5th. Copy the new Loadscreen you just unziped to your cod folder.
6th. Close all open windows and folders.
7th. Load the game!

Need any more help. Feel Free to contact me.

Thanks for downloading NiCr0'z LoadScreen. 

For more mods/scripts/skins by me visit Http://www.HeadlessHorsemen.org

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