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One more loading screen for the collection.


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One more loading screen for the collection.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nac> AKANTH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< |2004|



This is simply a call of duty loading picture. 
It comes up when u start the game where i usualy comes up a black boring &quot;Loading Call of Duty&quot; sign.
I hope u like it. If not u can make you're own by just calling any pic  cod and place it in the Call of Duty map.

Just unzip the file and place the pic. in the Call of Duty map and delete or move the other cod pic to another map. 

To take the picture away you can just delete it or move it to another map.

> made by: nac> akanth   | b2good4u@hotmail.com |

> nac>web  www.nacsquad.us.tt

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