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The man who was once known as DeltaForceOperator, then GYGST, now refers to himself as OES95, just for the record. :) This mod he's produc...


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The man who was once known as DeltaForceOperator, then GYGST, now refers to himself as OES95, just for the record. :) This mod he's produced for us today after taking a fairly long break from the site has to do with the CoD and CoDUO localization -- that is, the text of the two games. Basically, by installing this mod, you'll change many of those boring textual items into fun (and funny) little tidbits thrown in just 'for the heck of it.' In addition to this, many gametypes have also been renamed to titles that could be considered more interesting. Have a look at the screenshots below to see a few examples of what this mod does to the text in your game, and if you think you'll have fun with that, download the mod now! ;)


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Download 'codcoduolocalizationbeta.zip' (44KB)


Map Title                : Localization Mod
Map Version              : beta
Author                   : OES95 (AKA DeltaForceOp)
E-mail                   : OES95 AT comcast DOT net
Website                  : http://www.freewebs.com/gysgt/


Game                     : CoD CoDUO

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : Singleplayer
                         : Custom

Map Size                 : 


Contents of this Package :

     Readme.txt(You'd only see this list if you were reading


Installation Instructions:

     Extraction for the pk3s
     CoDLocalization:  Put into your Call of Duty/main folder,
     where ever your call of duty folder is
     CoDUOLocalization: Put into your Call of Duty/UO folder,
     where ever your Call of duty folder is.
     Uninstallation.  delete said files


Construction Time        : 

Custom Content           : Other

Known Bugs               : BAR might have a bit of a long description,
                           some spelling errors, and may have some
                           things that may need to be changed for
                           gramatical reasons. which is why I want you
                           to email me with any problems so I can fix


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Ned Schwing: Standard Catalog of Military Firearms THe
     Collector's Price and Reference Guide 3rd Edition, for all
     of the guns names and descriptions
     David Doyle: U.S. Military Vehicles Field Guide World War II
     - Present, for the Jeep and Sherman
     Auchung Panzer, for the Panzer and Elephant
     Wikipedia, for SU152 and T34/85


Special Thanks           :

     All mentioned above for the info, and to Aeneas 2020 for
     thinking the ideas I had for the mod were good


Additional Notes         :

     FOr UO users, this will only fully work if you put
     CoDLocalization in your main folder, along with the
     CoDUOLocalization into your UO folder


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http://www.modsonline.com/            November 9, 2006

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