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I'm Quite Sure That This Will Run On All Call of Duty 1 Versions. Any Complications Let Me Know ;]

Thanks to DirTy for the Directory Help.

No Screenshots, Because Last time I Checked You Can't Take A Picture of Sound :]

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Readme File:
MOD Title Luca_Cod2_to_Cod1
MOD Version BETA
Author Luca 
E-mail [email protected]
Xfire xinjan101


Game Call of Duty


Contents of this Package

Luca_cod2_to_cod1.pk3, Read-Me.txt


Installation Instructions

Extract the .zip files, place Luca_cod2_to_cod1.pk3 into C:/Call of Duty/Main folder.


Changes Voiceovers for Russian and German Teams, and the Allies/Axis Win, Round Draw, Explosives Planted/Defused Announcer to the same sounds from Call of Duty 2.
Also Changes Sounds the Kar98 and Mosin-Nogant make to those of Call of Duty 2.


Construction Time About 4 hours

Known Bugs None


Note: This is made for the S&D Gametype, Map Harbor, Popular for clan Servers. If enough interest is noted on the issue, i will include American and British, and possibly Gametypes and all weapons..

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