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Here's an interesting mod by a new developer in the database known as iLLusion (or Jason in the real world). This CoD- and CoDUO-compatibl...


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Here's an interesting mod by a new developer in the database known as iLLusion (or Jason in the real world). This CoD- and CoDUO-compatible mod gives your game's minefields crazy characteristics: Instead of blowing up, unfortunate players who set foot in the danger zone will be suspended without weapons above the map for a lengthy period of time (25 seconds) before being dropped to their death. I guess this is supposed to deter players from stepping into minefields, and I suppose it would work!


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Download 'minefieldmodified.zip' (4KB)


Map Title                : Minefield Modified
Map Version              : 
Author                   : codmp aka iLLusion (Jason)
E-mail                   : ageofempires761 AT yahoo DOT com
Website                  : 


Game                     : Call of Duty & Call of Duty United Offensive

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer

Map Size                 : 


Contents of this Package :

     Readme and pk3 file


Installation Instructions:

     Put into either your call of duty/main folder or
     you call of duty/uo folder.


Construction Time        : 

Custom Content           : 
Known Bugs               : None


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Infinity Ward for original version


Additional Notes         :

     In this mod, people who step in the minefield are
     transported to certain coordinates, instead of being killed
     instantly. When transported a script origin is spawned and
     you are linked to it, suspending you in the air. Your
     weapons become disabled for 25-26 seconds, at the end of the
     time you are unlinked from the script origin and you fall to
     your death. Also, while in the air for 25-26 seconds a
     progress bar spawns to show you how much time is left.

     There are a few more things that happen to you that wernt listed above. 
     I'll let you guys figure those out.
     Players are transported to the same coordinates in every
     map, except for mp_hurtgen. I had to change them for that
     map since players would spawn outside of the map.
     To change the coordinates for the telportation ust open up
     the gsc file and look for the part that has something like
     setOrigin in it. Also, if your changing the coordinates to
     accomodate a custom map, i suggest using the:
     if( getCvar("mapname") == "MapName" ) command for
     checking the name of the map currently on the server. For an
     example of this command, see the minefield gsc file in the
     For questions Xfire me.
     Xfire: slickman1980


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