Modern Weapons for CoD

This is the latest Modern Weapons for COD mod by Urded.

The new maps are:

z_Viaduct_R2 vikings_revenge The_Rock_final Remagen_v1.1...


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This is the latest Modern Weapons for COD mod by Urded.

The new maps are:

z_Viaduct_R2 vikings_revenge The_Rock_final Remagen_v1.1 mp_Shore Mogadishu eisberg bellicourt_v1_1

The weapons list is: American = M16A2 auto, M14 semi-auto, MP5, AUG, M25 sniper British = BM12, M14 semi-auto, SIG552, M4, M25 sniper Russian = G3A3 semi-auto, UMP, UZI silenced & unsilenced, Dragunov sniper German = G3A3 semi-auto, MAC 11, UZI silenced & unsilenced, AK47, Sako sniper A Shotgun takes the place of the FG42 so it can be used or not based on the config file, so it's possible that it can be another weapon available to all teams. It will be available by default. To switch the UZI push "M" in game; some of the other weapons can be switched to semi-auto the same way. All sniper rifles are now semi-auto.

Some new player skins and a lot of other fixes, additions and adjustments.

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Download '' (63.25MB)

Modern Weapons for COD v2.1
Developer - Mods By Urded (

Changes for v2.1:

Added modified version of Dobby's Shotgun
Added more modern weapons from Swat and Revolt (now all modern)
Changed main menu music (Time For People by Atomship)
Updated Main and Loading screens
Fixed some animation issues
Changed and fixed some sounds
Adjusted damage on a few weapons to make it more fair
Adjusted scopes and changed some of the scope skins
Added some player skins
Added custom maps (Thanks to all at who helped select them)

Special thanks to Big Bang Theory ( for everything he has done for Mods by Urded (, without him we wouldn't be where we are today!
Shotgun = November Dobby (
German Winter Uniforms = oldmanfunk (
German Grey Camo = {Sn][per}Rooster (snperswatskins) (
WolfenRecon Compass skin = Gilligan (
Other player skins = Revolt mod
The weapons = Swat and Revolt mod makers
Custom maps = all maps are untouched so credit goes to the original makers of the maps.
Hopefully I didn't forget anyone, if I did...sorry.

Install by unzipping then copy & paste the "mod_weap_codv2.1" folder in COD folder not main.

If you are going to use any of this mod for other projects you could ask, but I would at least like some credit. Visit Urdedgamers for other great mod and game downloads and much more...

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