MoH Sounds for CoD

If you like the MoH sounds, then you'll love this! xXezekielXx as given us the MoH sounds for Call of Duty!


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If you like the MoH sounds, then you'll love this! xXezekielXx as given us the MoH sounds for Call of Duty!

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   Hello everyone!  This is xXezekielXx, creator of Medal of Honor Sounds for CoD.  Firstly, I'd like to let everyone know that sharing this file is encouraged by me as long as you make sure to give me credit.  I spent a few hours editing and mixing the sounds to make the highest quality sound mod possible and I hope you guys appreciate it!

Also: Don't get the idea of this mod wrong; I love the CoD sounds.  They are truly adrenaline-pumping!  However, the MoH sounds are very colorful and are a fun change, so that is the reason I made this mod!  Have fun!

   These sounds are ALL from the game by EA Games, Medal of Honor.  Editing was done where needed, but the credit for the original recordings is given to the Sound Team for Medal of Honor.

---Note: To see which sounds were edited and how so, please read below.---

   To install the sound mod, unzip the file "user-MoHSounds_xXezekielXx.pk3" into your "Call of Duty\Main" directory.  To uninstall, delete it.

   Please let me know if you like or dislike the sound mod.. You may instant message me on AIM at 'zekecoasterfreak' or you may e-mail me at [Download the zip to see my e-mail].  Please, if you e-mail me, make sure to put something like "CoD Mod - MoH Sounds" in the subject line so I won't accidentally mistake your mail for trash!


Here is a complete list of the modded sounds:

"Weapon" Sounds-

  2 New "Explosion>Metal" sounds - Edited: increased volume
  1 New "Explosion>Mine" sound
  2 New "Explosion>Radio" sounds
  2 New "Explosion>Rock" sounds
  3 New "Explosion>Grenade" sounds
  6 New "Explosion>Mortar_Dirt" sounds

   -Gun Fire-
  New "Gun Fire>BAR" sound - Edited: added reverb, smoothed fade, slight volume increase
  New "Gun Fire>Colt 45" sound - Edited: increased volume
  3 New "Gun Fire>Flak 88" sounds - 2 Edited: pitch & length alteration on one, length alteration on another
  New "Gun Fire>Enfield" sound - Edited: increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>Kar98k" sound - Edited: lowered pitch
  New "Gun Fire>Kar98k Sniper" sound - Edited: pitch fall-off, increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>M1 Garand" sound - Edited: increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>M1 Garand Ping" sound - Edited: all-new to match the new M1 sound, increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>Melee" sound
  New "Gun Fire>MP40" sound - Edited: increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>STG44" sound - Edited: increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>Springfield Sniper" sound - Edited: length alteration, increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>Mosin Nagant" sound - Edited: increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>Mosin Nagant Sniper" sound - Edited: all-new reverb, increased volume
  New "Gun Fire>PPSH" sound
  New "Gun Fire>Sten" sound - Edited: increased volume

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