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Here's the third release of Morgane's COD server tool - if you used earlier versions of it, you're going to want to update to this one! It's got plenty of new stuff for your managing pleasure. :P Just check out the ReadMe for full information, and see Morgane's website for more!

Morgane COD Runner is a server launcher designed for Call of Duty. It will help you to easily configure and launch a server for Call of Duty. The runner includes "PRM Realism 5". I largely improved the original PRM mod. Many bugs have been fixed, and some new settings were added, so I decided to increment the PRM version.


Morgane COD Runner V2.0.0.0 for Call Of Duty (1.4 or 1.5 patch)

Firstly sorry for my english, I'm french ;)

1) New settings for fog effect.

2) The Server's messages can be set with a new dialog box.

3) A New gametype has been added : Bounty Hunter Match - see the BHM help.

4) 4 new configurations were been added and included : "Sniper's Heaven", "Apocalyptic War", "Bounty Hunter Match", "Morgane TDM".

5) A new realistic option has been added : prm_realscore - see the prm help.

6) For a compatibility with Windows 98 the name of your computer drive should not exceed 8 characters !

7) A little program has been create to see your server's activity (see the utils menu)

8) I largely improved the original PRM mod. Many bugs have been fixed and some new settings was added. 
So I decided to increment the PRM version.


1) Install and Run the soft :)
2) Choose the install directory of COD.
3) Scan maps (Maps an gametype tab).
4) Select some Maps for the rotation.
5) Press Run to launch the server.
6) Choose "Join server" in the "Utils" menu, then play (check that the "runner" gives you your
correct "IP").

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