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Here we have v1.3 of the great realism mod Mpsh! Read the read me below to find out what its all about :rock:


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Here we have v1.3 of the great realism mod Mpsh! Read the read me below to find out what its all about :rock:

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MPSH CoD Realism v1.3 
Weapons mod for Call of Duty 1.3 retail (multiplayer only)


There are two realism version included in this zip.

Regular version:: MPSH_CoD_Realism_1.3
This is the 1.3 realism version uses non-animated standard cross-type reticle crosshair.

Red-Dot Reticle version:: MPSH_CoD_Realism_1.3_reDot
This is the 1.3 realism version uses the in game "red-dot" type reticle crosshair.

core weapon files in the weapons mod are updated to include official 1.3 changes.
reticles on all weapons are static-stationary,they will not animate- (except for nades reticle will flash according to secs of cook time.)
All weapons have new changes since previous versions from beta testing and public requests.
Weapons effective ranges have been adjusted from previous releases.
weapon damage on some weapons have been decreased due to "player hitbox" adjustments.
as always all weapons have viewkick/spread adjustments.
sniper rifles rechambering while in ads mode (looking thru scope) is left at the default of "0". this excludes the FG42
weapons carry 2 grenades except for sniper rifles which carry 1. speed/distance adjusted well as 5 sec cook.

after further testing with official in-game adjustments, mpsh realism mod 1.3 is the most rounded adjusted gameplay weapons mod out from the series.


Installation: unzip contents and place which ever version you like to use in your call of duty\main directory of server and/or clients.
Or in your fs_game homepath directory if you have one set.

This is for Retail 1.3 patched servers only.

(Altho realism mod is server-side, it is suggested that clients should install the mod as well to use the fix reticle & kick/spread fixes But is not needed)

Help support MPSH by advertising mpsh realism in your server name. 

Contact: Cleaner
[email protected]
The Firefight Arena

Previous mpsh realism versions are:: 
MPSH Realism 3.1 for Spearhead
MPSH Realism BT v1.1 for Breakthrough
MPSH CoD Realism
MPSH CoD Realism v1.2
MPSH CoD Realism v1.3 Beta


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