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Here's a tiny new script by Mr_Nickle that expands the usefulness of your key binding in the Call of Duty games (it should work for all of them). Basically, it allows you to bind multiple, cycling scripts to a single key. For example, you could bind Q to say "hello all" when you first press it, then "good game" the second time, then "cya later" the third time, and then Q would cycle back to use "hello all" again when you pressed it. If this sounds useful to you, then why not download Mr_Nickle's mod? It's a mere 2 KB in size. ;)




I'm Mr_Nickle and this is my first of many to come script releases on CoDFiles!
Email: Mr_Nickle [AT] hotmail [dot] com
Xfire: MrNickle

Short Description
This script allows you to bind multiple commands to one key. 
I.E. - Press the button once and it says Hi!, press it again and it says Good-Bye! 
It can do any command.

First, choose either JH2.cfg, JH3.cfg or JH4.cfg. 
The number stands for how many binds you can set on the key.
Place which ever one(s) in your Call of Duty/Main folder.

You launch CoD must open CONSOLE and do /exec followed by the NAME of the .cfg, without the .cfg. (I.E. - /exec JH2 or /exec JH3 and so on) 

INSTEAD of having to type that EVERY time instead I have edited my short cut so that it automatically execs the cfg. Follow these instructions on how to edit your short cut.
-Right click on your CoD/CoD UO shortcut.
-It should say something like "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition\CoDMP.exe"
-Add +exec NAME OF .CFG HERE
-Click ok and then next time you launch CoD/CoD UO it will automatically exec the .cfg

First open the file. 
You should see this or something similar.

// Created by Mr_Nickle
set secJ01 "say YOUR MESSAGE HERE 1; set secJ vstr secJ02"
set secJ02 "say YOUR MESSAGE HERE 2; set secJ vstr secJ01"
set secJ "vstr secJ01"
bind BUTTON-HERE "vstr secJ"

YOUR MESSAGE HERE 1, will be the FIRST thing to be said.
YOUR MESSAGE HERE 2, would be the SECOND and so on.

If you wish to have it say something, edit the  "YOUR MESSAGE HERE" part with what you want it to say. (You can add colors just like how you do in Call of Duty... With ^1, ^2, ^3, etc)
If you wish to have it DO something other then say, edit the SAY, to what you want it to do.

Whatever you do, DO NOT edit anything other then what I have stated so far. If you have followed these instructions and are happy with how you have edited it save the .cfg and close it. 


If you have any questions, comments or script ideas, please contact me at 
Mr_Nickle [AT] hotmail [dot] com

or add my xfire username

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