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Here's a nice little script by Mr_Nickle for CoD or CoDUO (and probably CoD2 as well) that makes it as easy as 'one-two-three' to execute a disconnect or quit action with your keyboard. :) By default, pressing F5 three times quits the game and F6 three times disconnects. If that sounds useful to you, download this tiny but clever script now! ;)




I'm Mr_Nickle, this is my second script that I am releasing on CoDFiles! I hope to be getting some feedback from you people about my scripts, or future idea's for scripts.

Short Description
This script makes it so you can Quit CoD or Disconnect from a server. Quitting is F5 and Disconnecting is F6. You will have to press the button 3 times for the function to work. This is so that if you accidentally hit the button, nothing happens. Both only work while in a server!

Place JHquit.cfg into your Call of Duty/Main folder. (Or for UO in your Call of Duty/UO folder)

Launch CoD and open CONSOLE by pressing ~ . Now do /exec JHquit
This must be done EVERY time to launch CoD. If you are lazy like me and want to not have to enter it every time, continue reading. If you prefer to just type it in every time, go to the "Customize" section.

Follow these instructions on how to edit your short cut!
- Right click on your CoD/CoD UO shortcut.
- It should say something like "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition\CoDMP.exe"
- Add "exec JHquit" WITHOUT the quotation marks.
- Now it should look something like this: "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition\CoDMP.exe" exec JHquit
- Click ok and then next time you launch CoD/CoD UO it will automatically exec the .cfg

Customize (Switch which key's it binds the Quit/Disconnect to)
- Open JHquit.cfg
- F5 = Quit
- F6 = Disconnect from server
- Where you see F5, you can switch that to any button. (I.E. 1, T, F7)
- ^^The same thing goes for F6.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at:
Mr_Nickle [AT] hotmail [dot] com

Or add my Xfire username

Also please contact me if you have ANY ideas that can be made into scripts.

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