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Mr_Nickle has come out with this new CoD/CoDUO script (unsupported in CoD2) that I'm sure almost everyone can use. With it, you can ensure the capture of perfect screenshots with a single keystroke; virtually all onscreen displays will be removed and the shot will be taken, nice and clean. :) The file is small, but the possibilites are endless! Pick up your copy today. ;)




Back again again with another script! Fifteenth submission to CoDfiles, special thanks to Reaper for some things with this script...



Short Description
By pressing your bind, it will disable everything that you can see on your screen (Your HUD, any text, your gun, prone-block, FPS, lagometer) And take a perfect screen shot!

*Note* You can add in /cg_draw2d 0 somewhere, this will remove everything, but cheats must be enabled.
*Note 2* Will NOT disable the gun selection thing at top right, and NOT disable the "SPECTATOR" When spectating. Anyone who knows how to solve this will be given credit in the Fixed version of this.


Place JHss.cfg into your Call of Duty/Main folder. (Or for UO in your Call of Duty/UO folder) (Or for CoD2 in your Call of Duty 2/Main folder)

-Launch your game
-Do "/bind KEY exec JHss" without the quotations. Replace key with whatever key you want to use (F12, 7, J, H, etc)

*Note* May work for CoD2, may not, give me some feedback please, so that I will know if I need to make a CoD2 version!


Customize (Switch which key it binds it to)
-Open JHss.cfg
-Read the things that begin with // 
-Save and next time you use it, the changes will take effect.


If you have any questions, comments or script ideas, please contact me at:
Mr_Nickle [AT] hotmail [dot] com

Or add my Xfire username


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