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Here's a new bolt-action rifles-only mod for CoD: World at War, really a combination of Waffles Rifle 2.0 and CoD4 Sniper Zoom Mod. See the ReadMe for more details.



 [-MSO-] Rifles Mod 
Game supported is: Call of Duty:World at War
Website - http://www.msosniper.com
Server IP -
Server Name: [-MSO-] Rifles Mod
This file was updated on 21 Feb 2009
Updated by [=MSO=]RobFlip

This mod is the Rifles 2.0 by Waffles and the CoD 4 Sniper Zoom mod Combined together.

Here is the original readme from Waffles Rifles 2.0 mod.

Rifles mod v2.0
This is a mod that replaces the normal menu with a menu that only has the options for four bolt rifles. This mod focuses on the skill of the players forcing them to shoot rather then spray and pray. The player has the option of using either a bayoneted rifle or a scoped rifle. This also includes all rifles spiced up to kill in one hit, The player can also choose which perks he wishes to have from a list of nonexplosive perks.

To install, place all files in your selected mod folder (subdirectory mods/(folder name) ). In your command startup line, add the following commands +set fs_game mods/(folder name) +set fs_localappdata (your servers directory) 
The directory could be anything from c:/servers/waffles/server1 if you are unable to find the directory, contact the support of your server hoster.
*Expirenced Users Only* To Remove one hit kill rifles, open mp_riflesmod.iwd and navigate to weapons/mp and delete all the files in there

Admin Tools
Spiced up rifles
Bolt rifles only
Perk Selection
Always Gib
Afk checker
Perk selection.
Throwing knives
Welcome messages
Server messages
Jump height modifier
Fall damage modifier
Knife (or bayonet) only mode
Bikes for players who reach a certain rank predetermined by admin in config

Special thanks: 
Mr. Michigan for helping beta test
Tdi Clan
All the beta testers

Feel free to use this mod for whatever you feel like, just give me credit.

Questions? Feedback? Concerns? Contact me through xfire at: basheduwithaflopus

Here is the readme from the Zoom Script.

 CoD4 Sniper Zoom Mod Version 2 - Edited by [WJF] AbneyPark - wjf-clan.xippy.co.uk 

 This revision of the Sniper Zoom Mod uses the Melee key to zoom in and the ThrowFragGrenade key to zoom out
 This version has been revised for sniper only servers where frag grenades and melee attacks are not used while holding sniper rifles

 Please note, the base of this code is not mine, it comes from another sniper mod that didnt quite work - the author is unknown
 The original mod was downloaded from - http://www.maps-n-mods.org/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=2332
 I have edit the code here and there to make it work, tidied it up and added a few comments on how to change it to your needs if so desired


I put the two mods together to get a better mod all together. I claim none of the code as my own.

I have edited the rifles weapons .gsc files to our clans liking. You can use these weapons or just simply don`t use the `mso_weapons.iwd` files and you will have stock weapons.

I have also included a server.cfg for you.

Here is the command line I use for my computer at home to start a lan server.

 +set fs_localAppData "C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty - World at War" +set fs_game mods/YOUR MOD FOLDER NAME HERE +exec server.cfg +map_rotate 

You will need to contact your server provider to get the command line for your dedicated server if you don`t already know it.

Sorry for the long readme. Just wanted to make sure credit was given to those who need it.

I hope you enjoy this mod.

[-MSO-] Website http://www.msosniper.com

Feel free to stop by. We have CoD:UO,CoD 4:MW,and CoD :WW Servers running.

[-MSO-] or it`s Members are not responisble for any damage that may happen to your computer by downloading and playing this mod.
You do so at your own risk.

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