MULTI RemoteCommander



Here we have a super-useful, new program developed by Reiner Vogt. Download this crazy server manager now!



Additional Program informations:

License:          Freeware
Registration:     not required
Release:   v1.51 Full install
Release date: 25.02.2005, 17:03
OS:      For windows 9x/ME/NT/200x and XP
Program language: english
Info: A Call of Duty ServerRemote Admintool to handle your CoD ded.
Homepage:      http://www.remotecommander.de
Size:             ~13.6 MB

The program features are:

- Many UO v1.51 administration features
- Many CoD v1.5 administration features
- PB Timer Check
- PB functions via button click
- A own favorite server list
- Punkbuster Userlist
- Punkbuster Database
- PB UID User fake detection
- New program design
- Server-Info.
- Players Info.
- directly bann and kick players.
- Switches to change actual Gametype.
- Switches to change Server values.
- Switches to any weapons groups, change to weapon and more...
- Switches to restart, change or next map functions.
- Functions to send RCON Commands directly to the server.
- Automessage "SAY" system with Colors.
- To administrate a CoD Server completely
- easy to use - also for no specialists...
- help to use RCON commands via button click
- Complete RCON-Protocol handling
- Map lisitings and additional functions
- Securitiy settings
- Main settings via button click
- managing all switch parameters
- performance settings
- worldwide CoD serverlist with search functions
- written in Borland C++ v6. Prof. for all Win versions.
- Free update-service.
- and many more...

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