NastyJim's Custom Mod v1.2

This is the new version of Nasty Jim's Custom Mod. Check the readme for updates.


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This is the new version of Nasty Jim's Custom Mod. Check the readme for updates.

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NastyJim's Custom Mod - Contains the Official VS-UK Hud and Weapons Pack




Instructions: Extract the pk3. file into you "Call of Duty/Main" directory.

Note: This mod MAY conflict with other custom sound or display mods. To ensure full compatibility I highly
recommend removing any other mods you might have.

Uninstall: To uninstall this mod, simply remove the User_NastyJimsCustomMod.pk3 from your "Call of Duty/Main"



This mod changes most of the ingame weapon and impact sounds and works in both single player and multiplayer.
It will also alter your HUD slightly. For full details on what's been changed, please see below.


Unlike alot of sound mods, this mod has not overly bassed up the default sounds so that all weapons sound
like a bass drum but instead provides a slightly more realistic ingame experience and gives you more of that
"I feel powerful" feeling when listening to the firing sounds (especially the sniper rifles).


For [TW] Servers ([TW] = Total War; see Serverside/Admin Mods for further info) I have included Red Dog Tags
that appear on the scoreboard instead of white so that it is easier to see who is dead.

The Official VS-UK TOTAL WAR Compass (Silver Version) has been included within this mod. You may not like it and so 
to delete this aspect of the mod, open up the pk3 with Winzip or WinRaR and delete the files:

"hud@compassface.tga" and "hud@compass_arrow.tga" - these are found in the "gfx/hud" directory. 

I have also included FlakRider's Tiny Red Dot Crosshair that will make it far easier to play with when not using
your gun's Iron Sights.

FlakRider has also created some Custom Glass Scopes that he has allowed me to include in this pack. These change
the Sniper Sights slightly.

Single Player:

I have removed the crosshair from all the Single Player Weapons (unfortunatly, unlike Multi Player there
is no option to turn these on or off so if you'd prefer them to be on, you can open the pk3 with Winzip
or WinRaR and delete ALL files in the "weapons/sp" directory.

For full details on what's been changed, please see below.


Impact flesh sounds - if you shoot someone, they will scream in pain,

Shellshock sounds (removes the previously heard zings/folies and weapon fire at the end),

Grenade Throw Sounds - This changes the sound when you throw a nade - bit more realistic!

Replaces the white dog tags on the scoreboard to red dog tag (This is far easier to see - especially when playing on a [VS-UK] Total War Server with Player Classes on),

The Official VS-UK Total War Compass - Silver Version.

Sten Skin - Replaced the black metal centre ring around the barrel with silver metal (other version includes the Gold ring)

Single Player Weapons so that none of them have crosshairs (you'll need to use your iron sights or guess the middle of your screen - this is for all you realism extremists - like me :-) 

Tiny Red Dot Crosshair - that will make it far easier to play with when not using your gun's Iron Sights. Thanks to FlakRider!

Sniper Scopes - These, although may seem slightly less realistic than the originals, actually assist you when using the Scopes. The sight appears double sized making it easier for you to see.

Weapon Sounds:

BAR - Slightly heavier and a more accurate representation of the real Browning Automatic Rifle.

Colt - Slightly heavier so that it does NOT sound like a toy gun although does NOT sound like a cannon (I hate it when modders overpower pistols sounds!)

Enfield - Slightly heavier, echo length increased and sounds more realistic.

Kar98k Sniper - Increased the bass significantly, although it's very similar to the Kar98K Sniper from MOHAA. It sounds far more powerful than the default for CoD!

M1 Carbine - Heavier so that it doesn't sound quite so pistol-like but still has a unique high-pitched shot sound. It was very difficult to find the right balance between realism and likeability.

MP44 - Much more realistic, you may notice that it sounds completely different to the default - you'll get used to it!

Nagant Sniper - Increased the bass so it sounds much heavier and more powerful - It's an absolute pleaure to snipe with :-)

PPSh - Added a touch of metal to the firing sound so that it sounds more like a chain-type gun. This is a bit more realistic and powerful!. 

SpringField - Added more bass and increased the length of the Echo - sounds more powerful than the original.

Sten - Although this is not at all bassy, the Sten, like all SMGs are quite quiet so it was again difficult trying to get the right balance of realism and likeability.

Thomspon - I feel that the original Thomspon is quite realistic so all I've done is mixed this with one of my own sounds. The Thomspon now has a bit more of a punch to it. 

Special Thanks goes to:

Pancho: for a couple of the sounds (I editted them, so don't worry :P)
EA Games: MOHAA - I used several original game sounds then modified them as well.
FlakRider: For the red dot and Sniper Scopes Credit where credit is due :-) 
Anyone else that I've missed!

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