NM Jump Map Pack 1



Here's an awesome map pack by Nightmare that features his best jump maps all in one easy-to-download set. There are 10 in total, and they've all been released here separately, but it's nice to have them all combined into one pk3 file! That way, your "Main" folders don't get all clogged up. ;) Anyway, read the list below for the maps and their respective .bsp names, check out the screenshot, and download this pack today! :D

  • NM Castle (nm_castle)
  • NM Jump (nm_jump)
  • NM Jump Pit (nm_jumpit)
  • NM Jump World (nm_jumpworld)
  • NM Nightmare (nm_nightmare)
  • NM Pinball (nm_pinball)
  • NM Race (nm_race)
  • NM Tower (nm_tower)
  • NM Training (nm_training)
  • NM Treehouse (nm_treehouse)



Map Title                : nm_jump_pack1
Map Version              : Pack 1
Author                   : Nightmare
E-mail                   : [email protected]
X-Fire                   : nightmare377
Website                  : www.nightmaremaps.us.ms


Game                     : Call of Duty

Supported Gametype       : Deathmatch
Map Size                 : Jump map, No limit


Contents of this Package :

     nm_jump_pack1.pk3, 1 nm_jump_pack1 Picture, and a Readme.txt


Installation Instructions:

     Just put the nm_jump_pack1.pk3 into the main folder and you
     will have access to all of my ten first maps. Just type this
     in to play one of them.
     /map nm_jump
     /map nm_jumpworld
     /map nm_nightmare
     /map nm_treehouse
     /map nm_castle
     /map nm_jumpit
     /map nm_pinball
     /map nm_tower
     /map nm_race
     /map nm_training 


Construction Time        : Over the course of 6 months

Custom Content           : Textures

Known Bugs               : None


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