NM Rain



Nightmare, I believe, has confirmed that his ideas never run out. After the release just last week of the creative NM Portal map of his, he comes back so soon with something like this! :D The name may be slightly misleading, but once you understand the concept, I'm sure you'll love it. Basically, one team spawns on a small platform high up in the sky with virtually unlimited Panzerfausts at their disposal (the "artillery" team). The other team on the ground has to make their way across the playing field (the "runners") while dodging the rain of Panzerfausts from high up in the sky. If one of the runners makes it across the field into the other base, the teams will switch and the game will start over in similar fashion. Now if that doesn't sound like a blast to you (no pun intended), I don't know what you'll have fun with! :P Check out the map in the screenshots below, and play it with your buddies today! :thumbsup:





Map Title                 NM_Rain
Map Version               Final
Author                    Nightmare
E-mail                    [email protected]
Xfire                     Nightmare377
Website                   www.nightmaremaps.us.ms


Game                      Call of Duty

Supported Gametype        Team Deathmatch
Map Size                  8 Players, 4 on each team.


Contents of this Package 

nm_rain.pk3, 4 nm_rain pics, readme.txt


Installation Instructions

     Place nm_rain.pk3 into your call of duty/main folder.


How to play

	Separate into two teams, one will be the artillery, and the 
	other will be the runners. The artillery team has to bombard 
	the runners below with the respawning panzers. The runners 
	have to get from the first shed to the other side and into
	the second shed. If a runner makes it across, the teams will
	switch sides and the runners will now be artillery and vise


Construction Time         1 week

Custom Content            None

Known Bugs                None

Thanks to                 Drofder for scripting!


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