Here's a "hardcore" gameplay mod for CoD: World at War based on Promod. It's been made even more extreme with a new unforgiving health system, removal of the HUD and crosshair, and a number of other additions. Check out the ReadMe below for details, and if you're into super-hardcore gaming, get the noobMod. :)



[b]Version 0.2 [/b](28/11/08)

[b]Introduction[/b] :

noobMod is a Hardcore version of Promod for Call of Duty: World at War. We`ve taken
Promod and inserted hardcore style health, removed the HUD and tweaked a few other

It`s not intended to be taken too seriously, it is basically a quick way of playing Promod style wars under Hardcore settings. This is filling a gap for the Hardcore community until a working version of Pam is available which can be set to the ideals of Hardcore players.

[b]Why "noobMod"?[/b] :

The name is taken as a comical take on the original name Promod. Promod has always
been aimed at the competitive "Pro" gaming community. Hardcore has always been seen
by the "Pro" community as a game type for "noobs" - Hence noobMod. This is a gametype
many of us want to play and if we are "noobs" for playing it then so be it ;)

[b]Changes from "Promod"[/b] :

[b]v0.2[/b] :-
- Destructable items reinstated (red barrels etc)
- Reinstated bomb icon (when bomb is on the ground)
- Removed hostname end branding.
- Removed team specific weapons, both teams have the same load out.
- Sniper removed due to the sprint/breath bug and replace by a second SMG.
- Thompson, MP40 & STG44 all silenced to reduce damage.
- Removed Promod weapon modifications (recoil etc)

[b]v0.1[/b] :-
- Hardcore Mode On (HUD Removal, Crosshair etc)
- Max Player health changed from 100 to 42
- Headbob reinstated
- Sprint reinstated

We have gone with a health setting of 42 as this allows a hardcore style gameplay but
removes the over powered weapons a little. 1 shot with rifles, 2 shots with guns such as pistols. Even though 30 health is seen as a hardcore standard this has become a little low with all guns killing at 1 shot. Headbob has been brought back as its a feature hardcore players are used to, sprint has also been turned back on for a faster style game play.

[b]Installation & Usage[/b] :

Upload z_2_noobmod.iwd to a folder "noobmod" within your "mods" folder. Call the
directory from your command line.

[b]Mode usage[/b] :-

/rcon promod_mode private_10
/rcon promod_mode private_12
/rcon promod_mode public_10 etc

Please refer to the "originaldocs" folder and the original Promod documentation for further installation instructions.

[b]Credits[/b] :

99% of code & script credit goes to Ryan 'raf1' Palmer and his Promod team, who without this "mod" of a mod wouldn`t be possible.

1% credit to K9-Kommando | datLicht & -[EnB]- England4eva ('e4E.) who changed the
original script to allow hardcore mode.

[b]Contact[/b] :

[b]datLicht[/b] :-
Xfire : thundernlight
Email : [email protected]

[b]England4eva[/b] :-
Xfire : england4eva02
Email : [email protected]

[b]Further Details & Notes[/b] :

This unofficial mod of a mod is in no way linked with the original Promod or its author. We have made this to fill a gap for our Hardcore community and allow us to play early Call of Duty: World at War wars.

For installation instructions and running modes, please refer to the original Promodbeta1 documentation which is included in this archive for your reference. You can find this in the folder "originaldocs"

[b]Updates[/b] :

All future updates will be available from :-

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