Office Space

Here is a very cool map set in an office building.


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Here is a very cool map set in an office building.

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Designed by [CCB]_Love_A_Lot_Bear_||GEN|| of the Clan of the Care Bear
Developed by [IWN]Wyatt Earp *M.M.S*

Installation: Unzip the W_E_OfficeSpace.pk3 into your CallofDuty/main folder

Gametypes: Supports All Gametypes:  TDM, DM, SD, RE, HQ, BEL

You're late for work! Hurry in from the parking lot to get up to your cubicle in time. But watch out b/c this is no normal Monday at the office, you will be going to work WWII style. This map is full of great places to fight. There are ditches to crawl around in, tunnels to sneak through, vehicles to hide behind, and a building to explore to name a few. Look out for the killer ant hills and make sure you do not go too deep in the pond. If you are real inquisitive, you may find the secret weapon cache.  The building is 5 levels high (including the roof and tunnels) with lots of action spots.

Many thanks to [IWN]Wyatt Earp *M.M.S*.  All I can say is it was a pleasure working with him and he is a king in the map world.  Also many thanks to The Clan of The Care Bear

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