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The Benelux Development Team has decided to release their work so far on the single- and multi-player mod known for years as "Operation Mar...


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The Benelux Development Team has decided to release their work so far on the single- and multi-player mod known for years as "Operation Market Garden." This is probably among the highest quality pieces of work you'll find for the game, and quite a bit is included for you to check out! ;) All in all, I love the maps best. There are seven new multi-player maps for you and your buddies to battle it out on, and they're all excellently produced. I wasn't given any screenshots to show you, but I went ahead and assembled some according to the map list below for you to get an idea of just how great this CoD mod really is. ;) Once you get a glimpse of those screenies, I can almost guarantee that you'll want to download this sucker immediately! :thumbsup:

  • Arnhem (omg_arnhem) [screenshot 1]
  • Beerzel (omg_beerzel) [screenshots 2-3]
  • Grave (omg_grave) [screenshots 4-5]
  • Hartenstein (omg_hartenstein) [screenshot 6]
  • Johannahoeve (omg_johannahoeve) [screenshot 7]
  • Nijmegen Bridge (omg_nijmegen-brug) [screenshots 8-9]
  • Oosterbeek Church (omg_oosterbeek_church) [screenshot 10]


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Download 'operationmarketgarden.zip' (202.01MB)


Due to complications within the BDT-team, this mod's release has been postponed far too long. Right now, some of the BDT-members feel its
no longer explainable to wait any longer. This mod we present you now, is the latest version we had before the complications in the team arrised.
It is not perfect, it's overdue, but at least its here now.
The reason we didn't release before is our hope that the 'mod-leaders' who closed our internet site including it's FTP, would release it
in a later stage, as was stated on the homepage. 
This hope proved to be futile. 


Operation Market Garden = a Call of Duty modification
version 1.0

by the Benelux Development Team 	@aug. 2006

After a long struggle, the BDT finally presents you: Operation Market Garden.

In the past years, many have tried, and in the end, some succeeded.
The current product is not how the makers originally intended it to be. 
Due to the amount of work, the complex material and little to none experience of the developers, this mod 
didn't show much progress for a long time...

The active team grew smaller and smaller, and in the end this mod has been finalized in the shortest amount 
of time, by the smallest of teams possible. 

We hope it has been worthwhile waiting for us to finally release this material, and hope it gives you several hours of pleasure. 
Despite the struggle, we had some great times making this mod, and we're looking forward to any comments, especially the positive kind :P. 


the BDT


- Operation Market Garden: should be installed in your original Call of duty-installation folder
	  thus, a folder '[drive]/../call of duty/omg ' should have been added after install.

- Skill-Level:  We recommend skill-level 'Experienced' for optimal gameplay. During the making of this game, no attention was given to different skill-levels. 
		'Rookie' turns the game into a walk in the park, while 'Veteran' demands you to be a cod-god, though this may vary from mission to mission.

- Performance:  Although most levels should run fine opn most engines, the Arnhem-level shows a lack of frame-rate. For a smoother game-play, we recommend 
		turning down the texture-settings for this level. Off course, there should be no problem running this level on high-end systems. 

- Start New Operation faillure: there might be a minor error, being forced by some randomized features, 
	  which occasionally causes crashes. Restarting the game should fix this.

	  If the game freezes during the load of the first mission, simply restart the game. If it happens again, 
	  restart again. Do this untill the game runs.  
 	  Setting model-detail or sound-quality to a lower level may fix the problem also.
	  If all else fails, including a fresh reinstall of the entire game and the 1.5 patch, try starting the missions in safe mode,
	  and play them untill the first safe point, then revert back to normal settings by 
          clicking 'set optimal system settings' in the main menu during play.
          Our apologies for the frequent lock-ups, but we have been unable to solve them for some time now, and wether it's our faulty programming,
          or Infinity Ward's shabby game code, we decided to release it anyway.

Although we offer no 'official' support of any kind, should you seek support, or feel the need to write us much-appreciated fanmail:

Philip 'Flipsen' Domela Nieuwenhuis -> [email protected]
Volker 'Wet_Paper' Krans -> [email protected]

will suffice :).

This 'mod' is "as-is", it may not be modified without the authors consent, and the authors take no responsibility for any eventual damage that
this 'mod' may cause to you or your pc.

P.s. To those who took our work from us, and walked away with the copyrights (you know who you are), after months of silence 
from whomever you gave our work to, we deemed it necessary to break this silence and offer the public what we have made, 
even if we do not own the 'rights' to it.

Our graditute goes to all those heroes who fought and died in the liberation of our country, Holland.
Each for his own memorial, earned praise that will never die, and with it, the grandest of all sepulchres, 
not that in which his mortal bones are laid, but a home in the minds of men.

No bridges were harmed in the making of this mod...but some computers didn't make it...

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