Here's another CoD mod by -SpuD- for today. I'm not sure why he calls this "Panorama"—seemingly that has nothing to do with the mod. W...


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Here's another CoD mod by -SpuD- for today. I'm not sure why he calls this "Panorama"—seemingly that has nothing to do with the mod. What you get is a nice new Springfield with some explosive power in its rounds, not "an unobstructed and wide view of an extensive area in all directions," as would contest. Anyway, check out the screenshot to see it in action, and give it a download if you're in for something new. :P


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  -        Panorama           -   Version 1

-About the Mod-
A Great little Mod, i made it to add a bit more taste to the springfield
I got the idea when i had a mate round and we got bored of the american weapons (come on you have got to admit the snipers arent great) so i made some little adjustments :D


Just place one of the .pk3 files in your "Call of Duty/Main" Folder just like any other mod/map
If you dont want clients to download it, but have downloading enabled, use the ZZZ_PANORAMA_svr_.pk3

The "_svr_" Means the client will not attempt to download it

-WARNING- This may conflict with other weapon mods and give you script compile errors so remove any before using.

You can easily intergrate it in to other weapon Mods 


This is a weapon Mod for the springfield_mp
This Mod adds a little bit more taste to the springfield
This can be a server side Mod but if you have downloading enabled so clients can download it, it will add all the effects for the client e.g Renameing the weapon and the look (i changed the size .ect)

Please do NOT redistribute this package with out the authors permission (just email me and include my name in it)
DO NOT remove the authors name from it


If you find any bugs or have Any Questions or ideas for further mods i could make, please contact me

Email: [email protected]
Xfire: spudy12

Author:*RuDe* -SpuD-

Have Fun!!

-Version History-

Version 1
Released with no known bugs
Springfield Mod


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