Pegasus Bridge Loading Screen



A mod which changes the look of the default loading screen to one that features the Pegasus Bridge. A worthy download, Grab it now and leave some feedback :)



This ZIP contains the Pegasus Bridge Call of Duty Load Screen.


Created By:
Larry  aka  MajorFelony(Like Baloney)

Larry @ [email protected]
You may also PM me on the (3FJ) website FORUMS @ 


To use this COD Load Screen simply go to MY COMPUTER/LOCAL DISK(usually "C" Drive)/PROGRAM FILES/CALL OF DUTY
and remove the current Bitmap file (.bmp  It will show a paintbrush like the new file does.)

Do not go into the MAIN folder.

(It is recommended you save the original file somewhere if you wish to reuse it at a later date.)

Simply drop in the new Bitmap (cod) file and you're done.

Remove/delete the file and if you wish to have the old Load Screen, or a new one, simply replace it.


Mod Info:
This is a simple mod with about a one hour build time (including photographic research).
Created with Microsoft Picture It! Publishing software.

The german infantry image in this file is Copyrighted to WW2 German Research And Collectible
and is used by Express Permission only. 

This mod may not be altered or redistributed without my permission.

If you are a Call of Duty clan interested in your own Custom Load Screen I will
happily make one up for you Free of Charge, or instruct you how.

Felony(Like Baloney)

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