PHP CoD Serverspy v1.0



Well if your running a server on LAN or Internet this tool is good for you its writen in php so you may need to install php Apache for it to work, you can see a example at http://serverspies.drautage.com/cod/



||Owner: Copyright by Coolrunr      ||
||Home: http://www.drautage.com     ||
||Email: [email protected]      ||
||Script: CoD Serverspy v1.0        ||
||Release: 06-12-2004               ||
Suportet games:
               Call of Duty

Thanks for using my Script!

1.0: You need to run this Spript on your Webspace php 4.3.X or higher

2.0: MYSQL Database is not needed

3.0: Unzip the folder and upload the files it to your webspace. Attention if you make a folder you must change the path of the index.php

Example: line "1" of the index.php <? require("cod.php");?>
                                      <? require("folder/folder/cod.php");?>

3.1: To include the script use this code: <?php include("http://www.yourserver.com/pathtofolder/index.php"); ?>

3.2: To Change Style use the Style.css

3.3: Add a server to the list you need to edit the function beginning on line 9 and add another case statement like the following before the default line.

case "3":

3.3.2: Then the server option needs to be added to the list and can be found on line 90.  Add a line like the following
<option value="3">Your server here

3.3.3: Do not change any other things!

4.0: Please do not delete the copyright of this Script its look like this 

"CoD Server Spy v1.0 by Coolrunr
based on
GSQuery CoD v.2 by Warpig"

at the bottom of the script.....thx

5.0: Have fun 

6.0: Any Problems go on this link http://w3rd.drautage.com/forum/

8.0: The Script doesnt work? go into my forum i can host a site for you 

9.0: Other server watchers can be found @ http://drautage.com/ and click on Serverspies

10.0: A working example can be seen @ http://serverspies.drautage.com/cod

||Owner-Copyright by Warpig         ||
||[email protected]   ||
||Script-GSQuery CoD v.2            ||
||Release-20-04--2004               ||

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