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A custom made Jeep with a little pink touch ;)


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A custom made Jeep with a little pink touch ;)

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Download 'userpimpmobile.pk3' (1.54MB)

-\+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=/// P.I.M.P Mobile \\=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+/-

        Here's my PIMP Mobile with the following features:

	Pink texture....
	Heineken beer jerry can....
	nice wheels :P...
	slightly tinted windows....
	red chairs.....
	and a red shovel and axe...

This skin works only with the american Willy's Jeep.

to install: unzip the file user-pimp-mobile.pk3 to the map UO in the
map Call of Duty. (X:\Program Files\Call of Duty\uo)

have fun pimpin' :P

Greets Rapt0r, [erd_raptor@hotmail.com]

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