Poulton0's Name Script



Here's another fun name script for CoD and CoDUO, this time by poulton0. When run, it changes your name to a rainbow of colors for more scoreboard fun with your friends. :P Download it now, and try it out! ;)



|poulton0's name scripts made by poulton0|
|plz cm to my web site                   |
|www.poulton0-s-cript.g3z.com for more   | 
|scripts.                                |
||this script that comes with this file ||
||this file may not be reposted on other||
||web sites altho it may be edited to   ||
||fit your needs.if it dose not work    ||
||proply its probly your fault but if   ||
||you do have any questions plese do ask||
||my email/msn is [email protected]  ||
\this guide will help you install the  //
//scrtpt.                               \
\1.change the .cfg into a .txt file    //
//2.replace the & sings withe your name \
\3.when your happy save the file as a  //
//.cfg                                  \
\4.place the .cfg file in the          //
//callofduty/(main/uo) file             \
\5.then go on call of duty             //
//6.then bring up the drop down menu    \
\7.then type /bind j exec name_s.cfg   //
//8.then press enter and close down the \
\drop down menu.                       //
//9.then e.g. at the end of a game when \
\the scores pop up press "j" and sit   //
//watch the show                        \

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