If you like small maps this custom map is just the one for you!


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If you like small maps this custom map is just the one for you!

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Download 'power.zip' (1.27MB)

file is zzz-mp_power.pk3

TDM and DM in both COD and CODUO

Install:Put the pk3 file in your callofduty\main folder. 
+remember for custom maps PURE SERVER setting must be off.

Type this in console: /map mp_power 

Thanks again to W.E. -without his tutorials i would know nothing and have made nothing. And Modsonline.com who provides them and the maps.

Note: this map is for all those people that want some small maps to stop the boredom of those big ones, u dont always have 30-50 people around to play with, so if you like this try mp_center for another small one, and theres more on the way. 

Tips: the center power core cant be shot through from the outside creating a shield for the player inside to rampage from but he is fully vulnerable to melee. see if you can get on top of the hallway in the middle too.


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