PRM Realism Ver 4.0

The long-awaited PRM realism version 4.0 is now here. Most of you know what it does, but if not, check out the Read Me, or join a PRM server...


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File Description

The long-awaited PRM realism version 4.0 is now here. Most of you know what it does, but if not, check out the Read Me, or join a PRM server.

Note: The mod is server-side, so to connect to a server with PRM, the client needs nothing.

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         	  FOR CALL OF DUTY 1.4 ONLY



This mod was started by me, PoolMaster, and was mainly designed for use on the [1stSF/17SS] Tactical Realism Server. 
Because of the popularity, I decided to release it and allow other servers to use it.  Now what is "tactical realism" you 
might ask?  Tactial realism in a game is trying to come as close to real-life as possible. Since this game is based off of 
WWII, this mod tries to create a realistic effect from that time.  Tactics is the military science that deals with securing 
objectives set by strategy, especially the technique of deploying and directing troops, ships, and aircraft through 
effective maneuvers against an enemy, which basically means you hold positions (camping) and move as a squad and work as a 
team. This mod tries to further the gameplay for these serious tactical realism players like myself.


Here we are in the fifth major release of PRM and I haven't yet properly introduced myself.  I'm Wolfsbane, the main developer of PRM.  This is my first mod for any game, and it's been a terrific learning experience so far.  PoolMaster got me started while getting this mod off the ground and I thank him for it.  I'm still learning, and I've had a ton of help along the way, but there's still a lot to learn and I'm eager for it.

This mod is not the work of one or two individuals.  There are many people who had a hand in creating this mod, providing valuable suggestions and sharing their own vision of what realism is all about.  The mod is also a collection of other mods that support what we are trying to do, enhancing the features that we created ourselves and providing some great additional content.  Some of my work is also based on existing mods, partly due to my learning of the code and partly because the mod it's based on is so ideally suited to our needs.  In any event, the mod is bigger than PoolMaster or myself could have done on our own and all we can say is thanks to the tactical and modding communities for all the support they've given us.

PRM is made to appeal to those players who want something more out of Call of Duty than run-and-gun rambo-style gameplay.  Every feature in this mod is designed to increase realism, promote tactical gameplay, or make running a server easier for the admins.  It is a constant work in progress, we are always trying to push the boundaries and improve the game even further.  We hope you like what's been done so far, but there is certainly more to come.


Table of Contents

1.   Installation
1.1  Changes since PRM Ver 3.6
1.2  Custom Gametype Files Explained
2.   Settings
3.   Detailed Description of Settings
4.   Previous Updates Information
5.   Credits
6.   Contact Information

1. Installation

To install the mod, simply place the PRM_Ver_4.0.pk3 file in the /main folder on your server
In order to execute the config file, you will need to do ONE of the following:

- name your config file default_mp.cfg
- name your config file autoexec.cfg
- add the following line to the end of config_mp.cfg:

exec <your config file name>

Put EITHER prm_normal_weapons.pk3 OR prm_realism_weapons.pk3 in your /main folder.  Normal weapons is the settings that we've created for PRM.  Realism weapons are those weapon settings reworked again by Koenig, RedMercury and W.Irving at IWNation for more realism.  They are a big improvement for realism but greatly reduce the speed of the game and therefore may not be suitable for all servers.

1.1 Changes Since PRM Ver 3.6

- Total rework of PRM for improved performance 
- Injury sounds when a player is hit or killed and while player is bleeding
- Total obituary control 
- Message displayed when you are killed informs of who killed you, what weapon they used, where you were hit and how far 
  away you were shot from in yards and meters, no decimals 
- Anti-TK mod, either grounds or kills the TKing player 
- Clan match improved (easier to use) 
- Rifles can now be limited 
- Removed bunnykiller mod in favor of better Anti-TK mod 
- No respawn with captured weapons 
- New message system with up to 10 messages instead of 5 
- All weapons reworked for accuracy, and moving with your weapon greatly reduces the accuracy
- Weapon settings are now separate files and have two choices 
- Spectators can free look 
- Unknown Soldiers asked to change their name automatically
- Critical health level or significant damage to legs will force player prone
- Ability to turn off tracer fire
- Delay between weapon changes
- Mortar explosions

2. Settings

There are dozens of settings for PRM 4.0 which is why we recommend using a config file to set up your server.  
Here is the complete list and a brief description.  The following section will provide a detailed explanation of their 
use and functions.  To change a setting, the cvar must be preceded by "set".  Here are some guidelines to remember while 
reading through the list:

<#>   <== This refers to a client's ID number, or slot number on the server.  For example, 3 would refer to client #3.
"#"   <== Whatever number you provide will become the value of the setting.  For example, 9 would set the value to 9.
"abc" <== Whatever you type will become the setting's value.  For example, "[1stSF]" would set the value to [1stSF].
"1"   <== These settings are turned on with a "1" and turned off with a "0".

General Settings
prm_dropHealthpacks "1"		//In DM and TDM, determines whether healthpacks are dropped or not.
prm_no_crosshairs "1"		//Turns crosshairs off for anyone who joins the server.
prm_no_crosshair_names "1"	//Determines whether you can see teammate names or not.  Does not turn back on!
prm_noUnknownSoldiers "1"	//Players with the name "Unknown Soldier" are asked to change their name.

Realistic Damage Settings
prm_bleeding "1"		//Players will slowly lose health after being wounded.
prm_bleedingSounds "1"		//Players will occassionally moan and grunt while bleeding.
prm_hitKnockdown "1"		//Knocks the player to the ground when hit.
prm_injury_sounds "1"		//Players scream in pain when they are hit or die.
prm_dropOnHandHit "1"		//If a player is shot in the hand or gun, they drop their weapon.
prm_dropOnArmHit "1"		//Like dropOnHandHit, but the arm is included as well.
prm_damageDropOff "1"		//Shots will lose power over long distances.
prm_criticalInjuries "1"	//If player's health is reduced to 10, player cannot stand.
prm_criticalHealthLimit "#"	//The amount of health the player must be reduced to before dropping prone.

Weapon Limiter
- All of these settings determine how many of each weapon type are allowed by each team on the server.  If the total number
of weapons for a team is too low, once all the weapons have been chosen no more players will be able to join that team.

prm_alliesRifleLimit "#"	
prm_alliesSMGLimit "#"		
prm_alliesMGLimit "#"	
prm_alliesSniperLimit "#"
prm_axisRifleLimit "#"
prm_axisSMGLimit "#"
prm_axisMGLimit "#"
prm_axisSniperLimit "#"

Weapon Settings
prm_noDropSniper "1"		//When a sniper dies, they do not drop their sniper rifle.
prm_noSniperRespawn "1"		//If a sniper rifle is captured, the player will not respawn with it.
prm_noCapturedWeapons "1"	//Players will not respawn with any captured weapons.
prm_onePrimary "1"		//Limits players to one primary weapon.
prm_weaponCycleDelay "#"	//Amount of cycles that must pass before the player is allowed to switch weapons again.

Ammo Settings
prm_carbine_ammo "#"		//number of additional clips (randomized)
prm_garand_ammo "#"
prm_enfield_ammo "#"
prm_nagant_ammo "#"
prm_kar98k_ammo "#"
prm_thompson_ammo "#"
prm_sten_ammo "#"
prm_mp40_ammo "#"
prm_ppsh_ammo "#"
prm_bar_ammo "#"
prm_bren_ammo "#"
prm_mp44_ammo "#"
prm_springfield_ammo "#"
prm_nagantsniper_ammo "#"
prm_kar98ksniper_ammo "#"

Grenade Loadouts
prm_rifle_nades "#"		//how many grenades weapon class is allocated (randomized)
prm_mg_nades "#"
prm_sniper_nades "#"

Clan Settings
prm_clanTags "abc"		//Player names are compared to this setting, character by character.  Colors are ignored.
prm_clanTeam "axis" or "allies"	//Whichever team this cvar is set to, non-clan are not allowed to join that team.
prm_clanVote "1"		//If voting is turned on and this cvar is on, only clan members can initiate a vote.

No Team-Killing
prm_tk_limit "#"		//Sets the number of team-kills allowed before player is reprimanded.
prm_enforce_tk "1"		//Once TK limit is reached, player will be grounded.
prm_kill_tk "1"			//Once TK limit is reached, player is killed.
prm_stopTK <#>			//Manually grounds any player.
prm_freeTK <#>			//Manually releases any grounded player.

prm_no_obits "1"		//Turns off obituaries.
prm_tk_obits "1"		//TK obituaries will be displayed even if obits are turned off.
prm_display_killer "1"		//A message is displayed to a killed player only with information on how they died.

Server Messages
prm_delay "#"			//In seconds, how long between messages, minimum 30.
prm_message1 "abc"		//Whatever you type in quotes will be displayed as a server message.
prm_message2 "abc"		//You can have up to 10 messages.

Tiny's Shellshock
sv_shellshock 1			//RCON command to quickly turn shellshock featurs on or off (1 is all on, 2 is all off)
sv_shellshock_grenade "1"	//grenade explosions cause shellshock
sv_shellshock_bash "1"		//bash causes shellshock
sv_shellshock_fall "1"		//fall causes shellshock
sv_shellshock_panzer "1"	//panzerfaust causes shellshock
sv_shellshock_bullet "1"	//bullet* causes shellshock
sv_bash_ss_time "5"		//seconds shellshocked when bashed
sv_grenade_ss_time "5"		//seconds shellshocked when grenade goes off nearby
sv_fall_ss_time "3"		//seconds shellshocked when a person falls and takes damage
sv_panzer_ss_time "5"		//seconds shellshocked when hit with panzerfaust
sv_bullet_ss_time ".5"		//decimal figure for bullet shellshock seconds, less than 1 recommended

CIA's BAM Mod (Mortars)
bam_mortar_on "1"		//turns mortars on, takes effect next round
bam_mortar_damage "#"		//amount of damage done by mortars, between 1 and 200
bam_mortar_delaymin "#"		//minimum seconds between mortar barrages
bam_mortar_delaymax "#"		//maximum seconds between mortar barrages
bam_mortar_salvomin "#"		//minimum number of mortars per salvo
bam_mortar_salvomax "#"		//maximum number of mortars per salvo

3. Detailed Setting Descriptions

General Settings
prm_dropHealthpacks - This setting will allow healthpacks to be dropped on the DM or TDM gametypes.
                      Otherwise no healthpacks will be dropped.

prm_no_crosshairs - This setting will turn off the crosshair of anyone connecting to your server.  If the
                    player tries to turn the crosshair back on after they have connected, it will turn if off again almost

prm_no_crosshair_names - This setting will turn off crosshair names of anyone connecting to your server.  Crosshair names
                         are the names of your teammates, normally seen when you pass your crosshair over them.  This 
                         allows you to determine friend from foe, but is not realistic.  Turning the names off increases
                         the experience of realism but also increases the likelihood of shooting a teammate!

prm_noUnknownSoldiers - "Unknown Soldier" is the default name for Call of Duty.  Because of this, it is possible to have
                        multiple "Unknown Soldiers" playing on your server.  As an admin, this creates some problems.  In
                        order to assist admins, this setting will display a message on any player's screen with the name
                        "Unknown Soldier" to change their name before the start of the next round.

Realistic Damage Settings
prm_bleeding - This is a sophisticated bleeding mod.  How much you bleed depends on where you were hit and how much damage
               was dealt to you.  It is possible, even likely, that you will bleed to death if the wound is serious enough.
               Head and neck wounds are almost certainly fatal, while arm and leg wounds will likely stop bleeding on their 
               own.  The amount of bleeding is also randomized to a degree, providing a more realistic feeling.  There is no
               way to stop the bleeding at this time.

prm_bleedingSounds - As long as a player bleeds, they will occassionally moan and grunt in pain.

prm_hitKnockdown - When a player is hit anywhere except the hand or arm, they will be knocked prone.  The player can get up
                   right away and scramble for cover.

prm_injury_sounds - When a player is hit or killed, they will cry out.  Other players will be able to hear this.

prm_dropOnHandHit - When a player is shot in the hand or weapon, they will drop their weapon.  Shooting a teammate will not
                    cause the weapon to drop to prevent abuse of this feature.

prm_dropOnArmHit - Same as prm_dropOnHandHit except arm hits will also cause the weapon to be dropped.

prm_damageDropOff - Each weapon is given an effective range.  The further the bullet travels, the more the damage is
                    reduced.  Most maps will not affect rifles, light machine-guns or sniper rifles very much, but pistols 
                    and sub-machine guns will have a noticable difference.

prm_criticalInjuries - When a player's health is reduced to below 10, the player is forced prone and cannot get back up. A
                       message displays on the player's screen informing them they are critically wounded and how to kill
                       themselves if they choose to do so.

prm_criticalHealthLevel - This number should be set between 0 and 10.  If a player's health drops below this value, the 
                          player will be affected by critical injuries (prm_criticalInjuries must be on, of course).

Weapon Limiter
All of these settings determine how many of each weapon type are allowed by each team on the server.  If the total number
of weapons for a team is too low, once all the weapons have been chosen no more players will be able to join that team.
The M1 Carbine is considered a rifle, while the PPSH is considered a sub-machine gun (SMG).  The limiter is based on which
weapon is chosen from the menu, not which weapon is actually held by the player.

Weapon Settings
prm_noDropSniper - With the weapon limiter, if sniper rifles are limited but players were to drop them when they die, it
                   would be possible to have more sniper rifles in play than the limiter intended.  This setting prevents
                   killed snipers from dropping their weapons.

prm_noSniperRespawn - If sniper rifles are allowed to be dropped but you still want to limit the amount of sniper rifles in
                      play, this setting will allow sniper rifles to be captured but they will not respawn with the player.
                      Only the players that chose sniper rifles from the menu will spawn with a sniper rifle.

prm_noCapturedWeapons - Similar to prm_noSniperRespawn, this setting prevents respawning with any captured weapon, even a
                        weapon from a teammate.  Players spawn with the weapons they selected from the menu.

prm_onePrimary - Limits the player to one primary weapon (rifle, MG, sniper rifle, etc.).  If another primary weapon is
                 picked up, the one being carried is dropped.

prm_weaponCycleDelay - This creates a delay between weapon changes.  The first weapon can be changed quickly, then there is
                       a delay before the player can change to another weapon.  The recommended setting is 2500.  10000 will
                       cause a significant delay, around 20 or 30 seconds.  This is a client cvar, when the player 
                       disconnects it is reset to normal.

prm_no_tracers - Turns off tracers for all players.  When the player disconnects, this value is reset to normal.

Ammo Settings
Each weapon has a base amount of ammo.  On top of that base amount, these settings allow additional clips of ammo to be
allocated.  These settings are in clips.  For example, setting a cvar to 4 would provide 4 additional clips of ammo for 
that particular weapon.  That amount is also randomized, so the player will receive between 1 and 4 additional clips.

The base amounts are as follows:
- M1 Carbine = 3 clips (45 rounds)
- M1 Garand = 3 clips (24 rounds)
- Enfield = 3 clips (30 rounds)
- Mosin Nagant = 4 clips (20 rounds)
- Kar98k = 4 clips (20 rounds)
- Thompson = 3 clips (90 rounds)
- Sten = 3 clips (96 rounds)
- MP40 = 3 clips (96 rounds)
- PPSH = 2 clips (142 rounds)
- BAR = 4 clips (80 rounds)
- Bren = 3 clips (90 rounds)
- MP44 = 3 clips (90 rounds)
- Springfield = 4 clips (20 rounds)
- Mosin Nagant Sniper = 4 clips (20 rounds)
- Kar98K Sniper = 4 clips (20 rounds)

Grenade Loadouts
All weapons have at least a chance of starting with 1 grenade.  Additional grenades are allocated by these settings.

prm_rifle_nades - additional grenades riflemen start with

prm_mg_nades - additional grenades MG and SMG users start with

prm_sniper_nades - additional grenades snipers start with

Clan Settings
prm_clanTags - Whatever this cvar is set to, the start of each player's name will be compared to it.  It is a character-by-
               character comparison, case sensitive.  Color coding is ignored.  To set this value, place what you type in 
               quotes.  To clear this value, use "" (no space in between).

prm_clanTeam - Set with "allies" or "axis".  Non-clanmembers will have to choose the other team.  Clan members may choose 
               whatever side they wish.  Clear this cvar by using "" (no space).

prm_clanVote - When voting is turned on, this setting will allow only clanmembers to initiate a vote.  It will still take a
               majority to have the vote pass.

No Team-Killing
prm_tk_limit - The amount of team-kills allowed before the player is reprimanded.  This number is reset every round.

prm_enforce_tk - Once a team-killer reaches the TK limit, they will be forced prone and drop their weapon.  They will not be
                 able to pick themselves up and any weapon they pick up will immediately drop again.  If they survive the 
                 round, they will be free to move again the following round.  This is also known as grounding.

prm_kill_tk - Instead of grounding a player, once the TK limit is reached the player is killed.

prm_stopTK - Any player can be manually grounded using this cvar.

prm_freeTK - Any grounded player may have their grounding removed with this cvar.

prm_no_obits - Turns off the obituary messages when one player kills another or kills himself.

prm_tk_obits - If a player kills a teammate, the obituary is displayed even if all other obituaries are turned off.

prm_display_killer - A killed player receives a message informing them of the name of their killer, what weapon was used,
                     where the killing shot hit them, and how far away their killer was in yards and meters.

Server Messages
These messages appear above the compass and remain on screen for five seconds.  The messages can be anything you like.

Tiny's Shellshock
This is the shellshock effect from the single player game, set to various situations such as being bashed or being in the
blast radius of a grenade.

CIA's BAM Mortar Mod
Adds mortar explosions during gameplay.  The mortars target a random player but are not overly accurate.  Best bet is to run when you hear the whistling of mortars falling, they remain targeted at the same area for the entire salvo.

4. Previous update information

****Updates from 3.0****
-Shellshock added
-Players drop to prone when hit
-Bleeding fully redesigned
-No respawning with captured sniper rifles
-Grounding for those who don't obey server rules
-Random grenade and ammo loadouts
-Weapon settings changed
-Grenades set to 4 second fuse, explosion radius changed
-Gametypes RSD, OBJ and RB removed pending conversion for patch
-Switchteam has been removed
-Killcam removed (included in patch)

-We have modified the bleeding mod
-When a player is shot in the hand/arm, they drop the weapon they are holding
-Adjustments to Hud (all works now)
-HLCRcon ingame control for PRM will be released asap
-Gametypes RSD, OBJ, and RB are now in PRM

1.= Gives server admins the ability to turn off crosshair, indicators, basically all hud options for clients.
3.= Enables ability for server admin to turn on and off kill-cam.
2.= Makes dramatic changes to weapon damages.
3.= Makes grendaes cookable with a 5 second fuse.
4.= Enables a weapon limiter for all weapons.
5.= Enables a bleeding mod.
6.= Disables Healthpacks.
7.= Makes it so Sniper rifles are not dropped after a player is killed (so snipers are truly limited)
8.= Ability to make players switch teams via RCON.
9.= Kar98 has disabled partial reload.(couldnt happen in real life, cant happen here)
10.= Objective, Round Based, and Reinforced Search and Destroy gametypes added.

5. Credits

-Developers: PoolMaster

-Big thanks to f1shlips and Slipstick for their contributions to this version of PRM

-Outside Help:       
	 -Some of the client over-ride cvars were gotten through scorpios server-side mod.              
	 -The original scripting for the weapon limiter was done by monkster, and finished by Wolfsbane.
	 -For his Demolition mod, a great piece of work, from which the injury sounds were taken

	 -For the great Shellshock features

	 -For the damage drop-off and very efficient one primary weapon coding

	 -For the BAM Mortar mod

	Koenig, RedMercury and W.Irving
	 -For revamping the weapon settings even further

Special thanks to MPowell1944, Hammer, Boco, and Killmore for their help and contributions from the start of PRM.

Thanks to the members of the [1stSF/17SS] and guests to the server.  We're proud to be members of such a great
group of people!  Without their help and valuable input, PRM would be a shadow of what it is today.

Also, thanks to the modding community in general, and the folks over at IWNation in particular.  It's great to see such a
talented group of individuals come together and support each other for the betterment of everyone.

Forgive us if we forgot to mention your name!  But by all means, let us know, too!

6. Contact Information

We are very open to any suggestions the CoD community has to offer. If you think we need something in with the mod, 
especially if it will help us create a better tactical realism experience, please contact us!

PoolMaster's Contact Info:
 -E-Mail's: (Mainly used, also MSN)
 -Can be Private Messaged at: (MAIN FORUMS USED)

Wolfsbane's Contact Info:
 -E-Mail's: (MSN)

 -Can be Private Messaged at:

****Updates of PRM****
If there are ever any updated versions of PRM, then they will be posted a.s.a.p. on:

Check these site's regularly for any updated versions.
A sample CFG file is located in the PRM zip file, for server admins to cross check w/ their own settings.

-Readme file created by Wolfsbane/PoolMaster

******Important Notice******

In previous versions of PRM, the weapon settings that were used had been copied from Crow King's Realism mod. When PRM was 
first created by PoolMaster, he had help from various sources. Somewhere along the way, those settings were added to the 
mod either by him or someone else. It was not realized at the time and as such we did not give credit to the great work 
that Crow King's development team poured into those settings.  This was a serious error on our part, and we are doing 
everything we can to make amends. 

The weapon settings have been removed and replaced with stock settings from the patch, then adjusted for damage, range and 
ammo.  Accuracy is still stock, but we are working on it and will have new settings for the next full release of PRM. 

Crow King has done tremendous work in the modding community, and has done so for years.  We have always held the highest 
regard for his accomplishments.  Should anyone take issue with how PRM got started, we recommend using the CKR mod as an 
alternative realism mod.

						-Wolfsbane and PoolMaster

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