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And about six months after its first release, here we have the "Final" version of Project VoODoO, the psychopathically charged mini-mod fo...


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And about six months after its first release, here we have the "Final" version of Project VoODoO, the psychopathically charged mini-mod for regular Call of Duty. In case you weren't here for its premiere, the mod features all kinds of crazy changes to speed up gameplay and offer players a wild new feel for the game. It's got everything from gun sounds to weapon mods to textures and skins by the dozen, so you'll certainly get something out of this 80-meg pack! ;) Just check out the screenshots below to get a glimpse of how the game looks with the mod in there, scroll down further for a full list of features in the ReadMe, and download Project VoODoO today! :D


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Download '' (79.81MB)

Project VoODoO Final Version

by SuMMo aka SAS-Dominion.

Mod for Call of Duty.
Not been tested on UO.


Updates :-

Added textures for the map Ship

All players skins changed into a basic colour system. (not fantastic skins but they do the job)

All players faces changed into a skeleton face.

All players hands now show blood and bones.

New Server Config as the mod now includes AWE for more options.

New cow skin.

Added AWE for more options.

Cookable grenades added.

Disabled sniper rilfes. (optional - turned off by defualt)

Enabled anti camping. (optional - turned on by default)

Pistol clip size changed to 25 and no longer 1 shot kill.

Most weapons turned back down to original damage apart from Kar98k, Nagent and Enfield. They are still turned up.

Maching gun clips all changed to 50.

Rifle clips changed to 25.

New bash sounds.

Secondary weapon given. (Kar98k or the Nagent, depends on team).

Pistol every team uses is the Colt, using the Colt Skin by DOS-KnifeInFace.

New compass skin.

Panzerfuasts clip changed to 3, still only do 1% damage.

Speed of game turned up to 250 to enable permenant sprint.

Map rotation uses all stock maps and all stock gametypes.



If you have an early version of Project Voodoo all you need to delete it and replace it with zzZzZzz_Project_Voodoo_V2. You need to keep all the texture PK3's or simply overwrite them.
You will also need to add zzZzZzz_Voodoo_Ship.pk3.

As for the server config, its all done for you apart from the admin part and the redirecting to allow downloading. You will need to ask someone who is a server admin to look through the config and change the parts that need changing. I can not offer any help with that as i also get my clan server admin to change it :)


You are free to do what you like to this mod as it was made for fun and only done in spare time.
If you use any of the mod at all please at least give me some credit. Thank you.

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