A nice search and destoy map. Just look at the screenies.


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A nice search and destoy map. Just look at the screenies.

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Download 'mp_quincy.zip' (1.31MB)

mp_quincy is the second map released for Call of Duty by mapper Mickey C .

To install : drop the mp_quincy.pk3 into your call of duty "main" folder and enjoy .

Mappers notes : The name "Quincy" came from a town featured in Fallout Tactics , and I believe is a real town in America and spelt "Quincey" ( being from Australia I wouldn't know ) . The actual map design is influenced by other small town maps such as Carentan and St.Lois . I made Quincy to play as a Search and Destroy map , it does support TDM and DM but it's just not right . The map's portaling is half - assed , interior portals are ok but most of the exterior portaling I attempted just failed and so to compensate the map is fairly small and doesn't have alot of background scenery or any treelines , another reason for this is because I'm a lazy ass but check out the view map and the load screen I made in photoshop , simple but pretty .

The Quincy Scenario : 
During the days well after the D-Day invasion a small group of british commandoes have set up a front line base of communications in the insignificant town of Quincy , taken previously by American invasion forces . The Germans have been preoccupied 
but have finally discovered the British base and sent a small squad from an anti-tank detachment over to retake Quincy . The British forces have been expecting the counter attack for several days and have been ordered to remain in Quincy without possibility of reinforcements .    

Enjoy . If you like this one , give my first map a go - mp_venicedock . It's not too 
shabby . Also expect a return to Quincy with exterior portals , extended areas and support for the United Offensive's domination team play .

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