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Here's a cool VB application which allows an administrator easily control their CoD server remotely. This will only work in Windows, and you'll have to install it to get to the readme...or just check it out below :) Download this useful app and give it a try...of course, don't forget to leave your feedback!



Rcon 4 Cod Beta
Author:	Simon Brown
	Wilts, UK
Clan:	[KIA]2Drunk2Funk
Contact: mail: [email protected] ICQ: 47426482

Features on the list
Save message log
Save rcon log
Server messages list on user timer
MOD cvar support
Gamemode specific variables (Needed for round limits, frag limits etc)

Version History
Version 0.4.0 - 12/Jan/2004

Added Server Save option
Added Server Remove option
Added Rcon4Cod.ini for server list
Added server save list box, click entry to select server
Added Populate Maps from server option, giving you any the server has including Custom maps
Added Default Maps button, so you can load just the vanilla maps.
Added prefix "Rcon4Cod>" to messages from console

Version 0.3.0 - 2/Jan/2004
First real release

Server connect/disconnect with rcon
any rcon command direct
server status
server serverinfo
public say 
message log
rcon log
basic server password set/remove
basic server properties populate and set
Basic game mode switches
enable/disable weapons
change friendlyfire modes Off/On/Reflective
Restart map
Rotate map
Load default map
Load player list
Kick player from list
Remove coloured name flags option
Ban player (Requires COD patch to make work!)

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