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Here we have the update to the amazing tool that is used to run your server smoothly with easy to use commands. Check the read me for all th...


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Here we have the update to the amazing tool that is used to run your server smoothly with easy to use commands. Check the read me for all the updates :rock:

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Download 'rcon4cod.zip' (1.88MB)

Rcon 4 Cod
Author:	Simon Brown
	Wilts, UK
Clan:	[KIA]2Drunk2Funk
Contact: mail: [email protected] ICQ: 47426482
Tested on: Windows XP SP1

Other MOD cvar support
Maybe small proggy to just sit in systray doing message cycle to command line server/port/rcon
User definable list of messages for sending to individual players

Player list not populating messages is likely to be caused by users behind a router requesting data for a large number of players.
By default routers do NOT allow fragmented UDP packets through as this can be a way of causing Denial of Service (DOS) attacks
The Query checkbox allows a smaller query (Less player information) version which can be used instead, you can still kick/tem & Ban people.

Version History;
Version 1.2.0 - 2/Feb/2004
This version incorporates the COD 1.2 server changes

Added Friendly Fire "Shared" to menu and server tab
Added Headquarters game mode switch and cvars to game mode tab
Added Game mode switch to menus
Added Killcam, Freelook, Team Balance, spectate enemy and temporary ban timer to Server tab
Added temporary ban button to players tab
Added checkbox for QUERY mode player populate, Read "Notes" section above for information
Added Sort by Column dropdown list to players tab
Added SAVE Names to player list to append to "PLAYERLIST.CSV" file the date/serverip:port/PlayerIp/PlayerGUID/PlayerName (if Query mode player list then no PLayerIp or GUID)
Added autosave of User Prefix for messages
Added gametype and map message to rcon output area when connecting to a server.
Added Options menu with
	Autosave on exit the Rcon log - Creates/appends to "rcon4cod_rcon_ddmmyy.log"
	Autosave on exit the Messages log - Creates/appends to "rcon4cod_messages_ddmmyy.log"
	Remove Colour id's from player names
	Use Query mode for player populate

Added Send Message to individual player, will send type message to just selected player (This feature will be enhanced)
Changed message timer from 1 - 10 minutes intervals
Changed rcon output area to autoscroll to end showing latest information
Speeded up Server populate

Version 1.0.0 - 21/Jan/2004
Major changes

Added Server Message Cycler * see Below
Added ClanBase S&D rules setting & popup reminder of what they are (www.clanbase.com)
Added ALL game mode specific cvars Set & Defaults to Game modes tab
Added Map restart to Maps tab
Added Map rotate to Maps tab
Added NO Snipers set to Weapons tab
Added Rifles Only set to weapons tab
Added FriendlyFire settings to Server tab
Added Save message log
Added Save Rcon output log
Added rcon password to save server option for recall.

Fixed populate from server map bug where 1st map shown incorrectly
Fixed Player populate bug when player had spaces in name

Dramatic Weapons populate speed increase.

* Server Message Cycler
Create upto 10 SETS of (virtually) unlimited messages
Freely move message order within set, delete or edit
Delete Set
Discard changes (mid flow if messed up ;) )
Save Sets (to INI for next reload)
Placeholders for ServerIP:port number , Server Name and Friendly Fire status
Colour Codes listed for easy reference
Set connected server to cycle selected message set on timer from 10 - 60 seconds
Will run minimised.
Default Set included

Version 0.4.0 - 12/Jan/2004

Added Server Save option
Added Server Remove option
Added Rcon4Cod.ini for server list
Added server save list box, click entry to select server
Added Populate Maps from server option, giving you any the server has including Custom maps
Added Default Maps button, so you can load just the vanilla maps.
Added prefix "Rcon4Cod>" to messages from console

Version 0.3.0 - 2/Jan/2004
First real release

Server connect/disconnect with rcon
any rcon command direct
server status
server serverinfo
public say 
message log
rcon log
basic server password set/remove
basic server properties populate and set
Basic game mode switches
enable/disable weapons
change friendlyfire modes Off/On/Reflective
Restart map
Rotate map
Load default map
Load player list
Kick player from list
Remove coloured name flags option
Ban player (Requires COD patch to make work!)

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