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Tun Tavern's Realism Mod - Call of Duty Single Player Demo
Author: Tun Tavern


01. Replaced Kar98K Rebolting Sound
02. Replaced Kar98k Reloading Sound
03. Replaced Kar98K Firing Sound
04. Replaced M1 Carbine Firing Sound
05. Replaced M1 Garand Firing Sound
06. Replaced M1 Garand Clip Eject Sound
07. Miscelanious Sound Volume Fixes
08. Crosshairs Removed
09. Player Hud Removed
10. Subtitles and Tooltips Removed
11. Grenades range adjusted
12. Removed Second Primary Weapon
13. Added 'Cooking' Feature to Grenades
14. M1 Carbine Clipsize adjusted to 15 Rounds
15. Total Ammo for M1 Carbine lowered to 60
16. Total Ammo for M1 Garand lowered to 80
17. Total Ammo for MP40 lowered to 192
18. Total Ammo for Colt lowered to 14
19. Total Ammo for Lugar lowered to 8
20. Medical Packs removed from Maps
21. MP40 Clipsize lowered to 28
22. Total Ammo for Kar98K lowered to 60
23. Total Ammo for B.A.R. lowered to 200
24. Hand Weapons damage adjusted (one shot kills)
25. Allowed M1 Garand as single Primary weapons

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