Reinforced Search & Destroy

Here's another updated version of Boco's RSD mod for S&D. Download it now and check it out!


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Here's another updated version of Boco's RSD mod for S&D. Download it now and check it out!

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-=Reinforced Search and Destroy=-
A modification to Search and Destroy
Version 1.3
By Boco

-=1.3: Changes since 1.2=-
ADDED:		If you are dead in a Limited Lives game, your status icon is a skull and crossbones.
ADDED:		If you have no more lives left, the game gives you a warning.
ADDED:		Instead of Lives: #, it shows a dog tag and the number of lives you have.
ADDED:		b_spawn_protect_noShoot cvar added.  If set to 1, firing your gun will take away your spawn protection.  (don't you just love long cvars?  :P)
CHANGED:	b_spawn_invulnerable changed to b_spawn_protect (got tired of writing invulnerable).
FIXED:		Killcam now plays through the eyes of the killer, not your eyes.
FIXED:		If your entire team is dead on a Limited Lives game, the round ends.

-=1.2: Changes since 1.1a=-
ADDED:		Cvars to modify points gained from arming and disarming a bomb and blowing up an objective.
ADDED:		b_corpse_timeout to specify how long until corpses dissapear.  Set to 0 to make them never dissapear.  Corpses sink when dissapearing.
ADDED:		New special effect.  If you are killed with a headshot or by explosives, you lose your helmet.
ADDED:		Cvars to change clip count of pistols and number of grenades.
ADDED:		Limited lives feature.  b_player_lives sets the limit.  0 = infinite lives.
ADDED:		TK penalty.  Once the player hits b_player_tklimit TK's, penalties will be applied.  See explanation for more details.
ADDED:		If b_rsd_bomb_shootStop is set to 1, firing while arming/disarming cancels the action.
CHANGED:	Removed menus.  Menus had to be loaded from menus.txt, which would cause sv_pure errors.  When IW fixes, I will add them again.
CHANGED:	Removed the localized string file.  [MC]Hammer showed me a way to bypass it.  Lets all give Hammer a cookie now.  :P
CHANGED:	Added Team Spectate.  I used Clan iO's ( forceSpectator function, so here is their plug.
CHANGED:	Default points gained when arming, disarming, or destroying an objective.  Defaults to 2/2/4.
FIXED:		Banner startup code moved.  Now, banners that call when player starts is on a map basis, not round basis.
FIXED:		Moved the bomb explosion damage origin up 1 foot so it will kill you like it is supposed to.  :x  Watch out now.
FIXED:		If the bomb explodes while you are disarming it, the progress meter will be destroyed.

-=1.1a: Changes since 1.1=-
FIXED:		*Old* bug.  Objects now correctly run their exploder scripts when bomb explodes.

-=1.1: Changes since 1.0=-
ADDED:		Tell client what b_player_health is set to.
ADDED:		Tell client if server is using banners.
ADDED:		If maps include RSD entities, it uses those instead of the SD entities.
ADDED:		To use banners, you must set b_banners to 1 (which is the default).
CHANGED:	Team Balance text changed from white to red.
CHANGED:	Team Balance notice that you changed teams is now printed in the center of the screen.
FIXED:		If b_player_health was set over 1000, it would set to 100 instead of 1000.
FIXED:		b_teambalance_grace is now in minutes, not seconds.  :x
FIXED:		Fixed bugs that occured when I switched the teambalance functions to minutes.

I created RSD because I felt the current gameplay modes in CoD were lacking.
SD and RE were only one life to live and usually evolved into a deathmatch.
I decided to create RSD in the image of RtCW, with timed reinforcements and
bomb planting/disarming.  I would like to thank all the people who gave me
feedback and helped me test my mod. <3

-=How to Win=-
* Attackers
	Blow up the objectives with the bomb.
* Defenders
	Prevent the attackers from blowing the objectives in the time limit.

-=What is Different from SD=-
*	No longer OLTL - when you die, you get placed in the reinforcement
	queue.  You then spawn with the rest of your team.
*	If the defending team disarms the bomb, they do not win.  For the
	attacking team to win, they must blow up the objectives.  For the
	defending team to win, they must hold back the attacking team for the
	duration of the round.
*	Game time limit and score limit are no longer used.  Instead, a game
	is broken into rounds and each round has a time limit.
*	If the game is in Normal Mode, you can plant/disarm at both objectives
	at once.
*	When you die, you don't go into spectator mode.  Your view stays where
	you died.  This is an unintentional but welcomed &quot;feature&quot;.  :)
*	Can join the game at any time.  Server can specify optional late-join
	and switch-team penalties to be applied to the player (penalties take
	the form of increased respawn time).
*	Spawn Protect gives you temporary invulnerability at spawn to fight
	spawn camping.  The other team sees a white cross above your head
	which signifies you cannot be hurt.  The player will see a countdown
	clock above his ammo count.
*	Team Balance balances out uneven teams by shifting players with the
	lowest score to the team with the lowest number of players.
*	Player does not start out with maxed out ammo.  Instead, players are
	defaulted to two extra clips of ammo.  Additionally, the server can
	set individual weapon ammo limits.
*	Server banners let server admins periodically remind users of the rules
	or their clan website or any other thing they want.
*	The killcam can be disabled.
*	New Friendly Fire mode.
*	Team Killing penalty.

-=Extended Information=-
* Reinforcement Queue
	When you die, you get placed in the reinforcement queue and a timer
	will appear in the top-left corner of the screen.  When the timer
	hits zero, you will respawn with the rest of your team.  If the
	killcam is running when the timer hits zero, the game will wait until
	the killcam finishes, or until you press the USE key to respawn you.
* Normal Mode vs. Single Bomb Mode
	If the game is in Single Bomb Mode, you can only plant one bomb at a
	time and the attackers only need to destroy one objective to win,
	much like normal SD.
* Spawn Protect
	If Spawn Protect is enabled, you will spawn with limited
	unvulnerability.  The other team will see you with a white cross
	above your head so they know you cannot be harmed.  Meanwhile, you
	will see a countdown timer above your ammo which indicates how much
	longer you have left before you can be harmed again.
* Team Balance
	Team Balance solves the problem of joining a server and finding it
	10 on 4.  When the teams get unevened, the server goes into a grace
	period where players are given the opportunity to even the teams on
	their own.  After that, the server gives a warning about unbalanced
	teams.  Halfway till the server force balances, it gives a final
	warning.  Then it will balance the teams.  It moves the lowest scoring
	players from the team with the most players to the team with the least
* Ammo Limitation
	The server can limit the amount of ammo you start out with.  It can
	also set the amount of ammo for individual weapons.  Ammo is in the
	form of extra clips.  For example, 2 extra clips for a Thompson is
	60 bullets.
* Late-Join and Switch-Team Penalties
	The server can specify a penalty in seconds to be added to a player's
	respawn time if they join the game late or switch teams.
* About Grace Periods
	The round grace period allows you to switch teams and weapons without
	any hinderance at the beginning of the round, or switching weapons after
	being forced to the other team by Team Balance.  The Team Balance grace
	period is the time before the first warning.
* Friendly Fire Mode 3
	If scr_friendlyfire is set to 3, you and your attacker both get half
	damage.  This allows you to have a friendly fire penalty while still
	punishing those who walk in your line of fire.
* Server Banners
	Server Banners is a feature where the server admin can have the server
	periodically tell the clients important information.  It could be a
	reminder to follow the rules, a website plug, or anything else the admin
	wants to convey to the users.  A seperate pk3 is included with a basic
	banner and information on how to create your own.  Remember to set
	b_banners to 1 if you want to use banners.  Also remember to rename the
	banner pk3 file to something unique in case you allow client downloads.
* Team Killing Penalties
	If a player TK's a number of players equal to b_player_tklimit, then the
	player receives penalties set forth by the b_player_tkmode cvar.  If it
	is set to 0, all damage will be reflected back to the player.  If set to
	1, time equal to b_player_tk_spawnPenalty is permanently added to their
	respawn timer.
* Limited Lives
	Setting b_player_lives to a value other than 0 will set a life limit.
	When you die, you lose a life.  If you hit 0 lives, you cannot respawn.
	Also, if Limited Lives is in effect, you cannot join a game already in
	progress.  You must wait until the round ends.  If IW releases a way to
	get the player GUID, I will change this feature to give the player lives
	according to how long the match has lasted.  Currently, there is no way
	to check if a player reconnects to bypass the limit, so I am forced to
	prevent late-joins.  The cvar scr_rsd_graceperiod controls how long into
	the match people are allowed to join before the match is cut off from them.
	So, if your server changes maps, set it to something like 30 seconds to
	let slow loaders re-join the game.

-=CVAR's Used=-
* scr_rsd_roundlimit		default 1			min 1		Number of rounds to a game.
* scr_rsd_roundlength		default 10	max 30		min 1		Round length in minutes.
* scr_rsd_graceperiod		default 15	max 60		min 0		Period of seconds where players can change team/weapons with no penalty.
* b_rsd_queueTime_allies	default 30	max 99		min 1		Seconds for allies to respawn.
* b_rsd_queueTime_axis		default 40	max 99		min 1		Seconds for axis to respawn.
* b_rsd_obj_destroyBoth		default 1					Type of game.
* b_rsd_bomb_arm		default 3	max 99		min 1		Seconds to arm bomb.
* b_rsd_bomb_defuse		default 6	max 99		min 1		Seconds to disarm bomb.
* b_rsd_bomb_time		default 36	max 99		min 1		Seconds until bomb explodes.
* b_rsd_bomb_blow_points	default 4			min 0		Points gained blowing up an objective.
* b_rsd_bomb_arm_points		default 2			min 0		Points gained when arming a bomb.
* b_rsd_bomb_defuse_points	default 2			min 0		Points gained when disarming a bomb.
* b_rsd_bomb_shootStop		default 0					If set to 1, you stop arming/disarming when shooting.
* b_rsd_latejoin_penalty	default 0	max 99		min 0		Respawn penalty in seconds if player joins the game late.
* b_rsd_switchteam_penalty	default 0	max 99		min 0		Respawn penalty in seconds if player switches teams.
* b_teamBalance			default 1	max 60		min 0		Minutes until team is balanced.
* b_teamBalance_grace		default 0.5	max 60		min 0		Minutes team can be unbalanced before server tries to correct.
* b_noKillCam			default 0					Enable/disable KillCam.
* b_spawn_protect		default 5	max 60		min 0		Seconds player is invulnerable after spawn.
* b_spawn_protect_noShoot	default 0					If set to 1, shooting will take away your spawn invulnerability.
* b_player_health		default 100	max 1000	min 1		Sets the health of the player.
* b_player_lives		default 0	max 99		min 0		Sets the player max lives.
* b_player_tkmode		default 0					Sets the TK mode for the server.
* b_player_tklimit		default 5			min 0		Sets the TK limit before all team damage is reflected.
* b_player_tk_spawnPenalty	default 5			min 0
* b_banners			default 1					Sets the server to use banners or not.
* b_corpse_timeout		default 0			min 0		Time till bodies sink.  0 = no time limit.
* b_clip_default		default 2			min 0		Default amount of extra clips/magazines.
* b_clip_bar			default 2			min 0		Extra clips/magazines for specific weapons.
* b_clip_bren			default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_enfield		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_kar98k			default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_kar98ksniper		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_m1carbine		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_m1garand		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_mp40			default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_mp44			default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_nagant			default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_nagantsniper		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_ppsh			default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_springfield		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_sten			default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_thompson		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_colt			default 4			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_luger			default 4			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_fraggrenade		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_mk1britishfrag		default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_rgd-33russianfrag	default 2			min 0		&quot;
* b_clip_stielhandgranate	default 2			min 0		&quot;

-=How to Install=-
Please don't install two versions of the mod in the same directory.
If you plan to use custom banners, PLEASE PLEASE rename z_rsd_banner_uniquename.pk3!!!
Please refer to this post for instructions on how to set your server up:

-=How to Add RSD Entities to Your Map=-
Add the following entities and make sure they are set for RSD:
* bombzone_A
* bombzone_B
* bombtrigger
* mp_rsd_spawn_allied
* mp_rsd_spawn_axis
* mp_rsd_intermission

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