Here we have a great mod which changes lots of features and adds many new ones which make this mod stand out from the rest. Check out what its all about below :

1. So what is Revolt about:

Revolt's concept is simple, modern day weapons in fictional events based on real places.

Weapons are balanced to ensure an even playing field no matter the team. Scenarios designed to encourage team work and strategic positioning to complete an objective or series of objectives.

2.The Name Revolt:

Let's start with the name and why it was chosen. Before Call of Duty was known to us, Revolt was derived from something called Clan Wars. This LAN clan concept would be driven by the community on the Refractor 2 engine. It was to take place in modern day with fictional battles boasting balance between the 2 teams. Even the maps were mirrored on both sides to kill any advantages. The entire purpose was for fair game in a competitive manner. The mod never surfaced. Shortly after closing it down, we've decided to make maps that would incorporate this balance, pretty much being a mod in itself. This was just something to pass the time as we searched for a home for the game we wanted to play. This is when Revolt came to be. With the name Revolt, we were virtually unrestricted or unbound by any theme and could pretty much extend our imaginations to see all sorts of potential defining and redefining a name.

3. Revolt finds Call of duty:

LAN clan played the Call of Duty demo and decided to buy and try multiplayer when the full game was released. We immediately saw the potential for a Revolt foundation.

4. Realism vs. Game play:

Sure we like real. Real won't change the concept though. When playing a video game, is it the realism or the fun factor? Should the fun factor be compromised for realism? Isn't it realism that makes the fun factor? Hmm, now these questions can be tricky. There are multiple shades in which they can be answered in between yes and no. Our team asks these questions everyday. We want to be able to join a server and hit auto assign and be happy with where we are placed.

Download it now and leave some feedback on how you find it :Rock:



Install to XXX:\Program Files\Call of Duty and enjoy :)

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